October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites: Just Dance!

This week's favorites link up with the girlies, AndreaNarci, and Erika!

Our favorite thing that happened this week was definitely dance last night!! Noelle usually goes on Saturday morning, but because we have our dear friend Gavin's 4th birthday party tomorrow morning, we decided to make up the class last night. Halle already goes on Thursdays for Mommy and Me, so it was perfect! Noelle was so excited for dance this week because it was "Bring a Friend to Class" week, and of course who do you think she wanted to invite? If you said Myla, you are right! She was thrilled when I told her she could bring Myla, and told me to ask "Myla's mommy" right away, lol. (She has a hard time saying Hilary. It comes out like Hill-a-lee.) Here are pictures from the class - they had SO much fun! (Warning: All my pictures are awful because 1. I had to zoom in super close because I was sneaking pictures from outside the class, through the faux mirror/window, lol and 2. my camera phone blows.)

The girls waiting before class. They were SO giddy with excitement! They kept on laughing and acting like little goofs. It was hard to get a good picture due to them moving SO much, but they were just too excited! 

Unplanned matching dance bags! Darling.


Putting their bags away and getting ready for class!

 Look at that stretch!!! Get it girls!! (Yes, they are on the end there.)

Sitting, literally, as close to each other as they could without sitting on top of each other, LOL.

I laughed out loud every time they touched each other or did something like this during class. Goofballs. They kept on whispering and giggling too. Silly girls.

It was a pretty large class with all the extra friends! There was over 21 kids in the class! Holy rabies! But the girls did AWESOME.

Lining up for exercises. What I love about this age group is that they do a lot of individual work across the floor, one at a time, so the teacher can really see each student's progress and ability. It's also so nice for a shy girl like Noelle, because it helps her with her confidence. :)

Marching/skipping/hopping in a circle!

Not really a great video, lol, but just a snippet of what they were doing in class. :) This video makes me laugh so hard. First off, the arm movements, and the peak, lol. Then you catch Myla yawning. Also, all the babble in the background because I'm holding Baby Halle. Not to mention, see the girls going up to the mirror and getting scolded by the teachers? They were doing that because they could see me videotapping against the mirror, through the window, lol. Just so much funny in this video.

Changing shoes.

Enjoying their after class suckers!

Ballerina Besties!

Just casually holding hands and strolling through the studio together, lol.

They also snuck into Baby Halle's mommy and me class (although Halle was with Joey, so it was daddy and me, lol) and watched her for a little bit! They had fun in there too!

Helping Baby Halle get her sucker. :)

Then we went into Grandma Shel's room for a little bit to watch the senior line work on one of their jazz numbers. I think Noelle was really proud to show Myla around "her" studio, lol. 

Myla (along with my girls of course, as always) was mesmerized by the "big girls" dancing. 

Leaving dance with their ponies. I asked the girls how class was, and here was some of the comments: 
Noelle: I like Myla coming to dance with me. I want her to come all the time. Like, every time, mama. I want her there, very, a lot.
Myla: I'm going to ask my mommy, ok? I ask her if I can go with you a lot.

There's nothing better than getting to dance beside your best friend!!
Here are some "outtakes" from the night:

Sweet Baby Halle all ready for mommy and me. She did SO much better this week than last! Wow! A complete 360! She was laughing her heart out, and stomping her feet, and clapping away happily. I think she just needed a couple classes to warm up. She had to get used to the teacher/class/other kids. I noticed that she was recognizing the songs and getting used to the routine!

Dancing is EXHAUSTING.

Thanks for hosting the link up, Narci, Andrea, and Erika!


  1. For some reason my comment didn't go through last time, AHHHHdorable!!!!! I really wish I was there to have seen it! Dying at how close they are sitting next to each other. <3

  2. I just came back and looked over this again. Such sweet pics. And Myla goofing off tickling Noelle when they were supposed to be dancing... that is so her, hope Noelle didn't get annoyed! ha


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