October 21, 2015

Best Little Pumpkins!

A couple Sundays ago Noelle and Myla decorated pumpkins at our church, Calvary, and then we went to one of the local nursing homes to hand them out to the residents! It was a small act of kindness, but the girls had so much fun! And they (kind of) understood that they were visiting some "grandmas" to give them pumpkins to make them happy. :) Here are pictures from the cute day.

Our church is the best! They had a list of names and locations of some of the elders that are part of the church, who reside in Presbyterian homes in the community. They also had pumpkins for kids to decorate, and then we were able to pick some of the people off the list to go deliver pumpkins to. 

Best friends!!

 This was outside the Presbyterian home, in the parking lot, before we went in!

Here the girls are, sooo excited in the elevator on the way up to our resident!

They were so excited, lol.

The sweet lady that we dropped pumpkins off to, invited us inside! She was thrilled to see the little girls and to have someone to visit with! We came in, and the girls just made themselves comfortable, lol. It was funny - they hopped right up onto her couch. We stayed briefly and learned that the lady grew up on the end of Tanglewood (our street)! It used to be a farm and she was a farmer's wife, she told us. :) 

And of course, donuts. The girls worked hard on the pumpkins, so we had to get some donuts after church!

The sweetest, cutest, bestest little pumpkins around! So happy that they are friends, and got to share in such a sweet day/kind act together. Hoping for many more in their future!

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  1. Ahhh! It warms my heart :) These two. And love that she was a farmer's wife! I know my parents' culdesac was one too, and that their house is placed right where the horses' stable was.


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