October 21, 2015

Apples & Pumpkins!

Our annual fall festivities are in full force! Every year since Noelle has been born we've made it out to Aamodt's Apple Farm and Country Sun Farm, usually multiple times! I'm happy to say this year we've already made it out to both, (Country Sun twice) and hopefully we get out there one more time because I'm in love with apple cider donuts, lol. Here are some pictures from our visit(s) in the last couple weeks!

Baby Halle's third visit to Country Sun Farm!

Noelle loved feeding the animals this year! She feeds them each year, but usually there's fear. This year she did great!

She did not want to stop!

We went to Aamodt's with my little daycare girl, Bailey! The kids had so much fun! Noelle was disappointed that she couldn't pick apples since it was rather cold the day we went, and after a rain storm, so most of the apples were on the ground! 

I tried to get my annual picture in front of the growth chart, but Baby Halle was not having it!

Noelle was all for it though!

More goats and sheep!

Moo! A calf!

Enjoying apple cider donuts at Aamodt's! YUUM!!

 Please stop with the pictures, mom!

 My minions.

 The corn pit at Country Sun is always a hit! No matter how many times we visit it!

Different day, same corn pit, same happiness.


At Aamodt's, kids can complete a scavenger hunt for a free donut! :)


So, so happy!

 At the farm a different day, with Ella! These babies loved this trip. I didn't have any other kids with me, so just the babies got to go and indulge in all the activities by themselves!

These kids LOVE the silly little coin rides!


Three years of our Country Sun tradition!

Loving this fall season!!

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