October 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday! - October '15

Oh my lanta! Is it really the last Wednesday of the month!?! Eek. It is! And because I've been awful at weekly posts, this post is a necessity! :) Linking up with some of my faves, (MelSheaffer, and Shayfor What's Up Wednesday! (Warning: Longest post ever.)

What we're eating this week:
Because it's getting colder out, I'm actually cooking! I hate to turn on the stove and oven a lot when the weather is warm out, but once it starts to get chillier, I love to bust out some cooking and warm eats! Love the smell of comfort food or baked goods in the air! Sunday night we had spare ribs, mashed potatoes, and green beans! It was actually homemade, and looked good, but I realized that I ate it before I took a picture! Oh well. Monday night Joey and I got out alone and went to our favorite teppenyaki place. Tuesday is italian night: lasagna, salad, garlic bread (easy peasy). Also on the menu this week is ground turkey stroganoff, crockpot chicken chili, pumpkin cream cheese cookies, sausage cheese queso dip with chips, and a whole lot of "to be determined." lol

What I'm reminiscing about:
Noelle as a baby and toddler! Next Friday she turns 4 years old! My baby is so old! (Well, no she isn't, but you know.)

When she was one years old.

Noelle, age 1.

Noelle age almost 2.

Now, almost age 4.

What I'm loving:
 I hate to admit it, but it's hard not to dig my hand in the Halloween candy!! You know before you have kids and it just seemed indulgent to buy yourself candy? Well now, with kids, you can't help it that it's in your house...and it's way too easy to sneak some every now and then. Shh. Don't tell!

I'm also LOVING pumpkin spice everything! I've been indulging in pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice candles have been lit in my house all month, pumpkin spice flavored creamer, pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

We also are LOVING the Bible for Kids App. Noelle (okay, both my kids) are complete junkies when it come's to electronics. We are awful parents and let our kids use iPads and our phones too often. Lately though Noelle has been playing with the Bible App, which I LOVE. It's interactive, colorful, entertaining, and gives her enough to watch as well as do. She loves it, and actually will ask for it! Yay! Something educational!

What we've been up to:

Noelle attended Gavin's 4th birthday party, which was so cute and perfect. He had a Tumble Bus come, and everyone was invited to come in their pajamas and eat some yummy brunch! Noelle had a great time, especially at the end, when she got to play some board games with Gavin and his cousins.

Halle, not having any issues making new friends. 

Dawn, Hudson, Halle, and I at Gavin's party.

We've been enjoying every minute of our beautiful fall! October was surprisingly super warm this year!

Noelle helping her sister at the park, lol.

I took the girls to the mall a few times, for they just love the carousal ride!

Hahaha, poor babies.

Having a fun day with Myla over!

Noelle, Myla, and cousin Harrison over to play! Dilly Bars for all!

It will be fun for these kiddos, because now Harrison is in the same class as the girls on Sunday at church! Woo hoo!


Decorating pumpkins!

These two spend so much time together now, and not just because they are siblings but because they want to! Noelle constantly is trying to help Halle with stuff, and Halle wants to be part of EVERYTHING Noelle's a part of. It's adorable.

Noelle painting Halle's nails and putting body glitter on her, lol.

We went over to Hilary's one morning, and Halle just LOVED baby Adalie!

Who would we be without a few nights out last month?! Lol. We always go out, who am I kidding? I'm not known for my cooking.

Cousin Vivi slept over one night last month too! Noelle had a blast, of course, as she WORSHIPS her older cousin!

What I'm dreading:
FINALS!!! I am FINALLY at the end of my (last and longest) course (ever)! It's been a looong and awful journey (no sugar coating here), but it's finally at its end. I am on the last assignment, and then I'll be doing my final exam. I'm dreading it so much because I need to do well on it. If I don't pass this final, I won't pass the class, which might sound not that drastic - but it is! It will defer me from student teaching in the spring, AND I'll have to redo the class. No bueno! I plan on many, many nights at the library, and lots and lots of coffee.

What I'm working on:
Noelle's birthday party. Her party is already next week! Holy gucamole! It's a My Little Pony party, and since it's at the house this year, and on the smaller side, I'm trying to make it really special for her. I want everything to be pony-tastic. She's adamant on the details, and knows exactly what she wants, so I'm trying to fulfill all those 4 year old dreams!

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been doing. Here are the food tents. (Can you guess what the mom juice is? LOL.)

What I'm excited about:
Halloween! Last weekend we had the annual Larkin Dance Studio Halloween party, which is always a smashing success. Last year I brought my nice, expensive camera that took awesome pictures. This year I opted out and just had my phone camera. Wrong move. My pictures didn't turn out at all! They are all super blurry, so lesson learned! But I still snapped a few anyways. The girls had fun - Noelle especially loved the hay ride and trick or treating! Halle just loved eating cheese cubes, and watching all the crazy people around her.

She decided on Cinderella!! I was really hoping she would want to be Ella (the "new" Cinderella) but she wasn't having it. She wanted to wear his old thing, but oh well! She loved it, especially the white gloves, lol.

And here's my minion!!! Hehe. Love this costume.

At the party, already grubbing on treats and popcorn.


Hayrides with big cousins Gracie and Bennett. See, my pictures are awful!

Fam bam!

Noelle and mama selfies.

Vivi looking a little scary as vampire Mavis, haha, and Noelle looking at this guy in the distance dressed as a sniper. She was terrified of him!

Ava and Halle.

Monday I took the babies to the annual Halloween party at our local library. Halle, Bailey, and Ella had an awesome time! The library always puts on such an awesome fete for the kids! Love it!

The babes, Bailey as Cheer Bear, Ella as Doc, and Halle all ready for the party!

 Coloring together!

The library was so sweet, and gave all the kiddos little goody bags filled with candy, stickers, and bubbles!

 Can you spot my 3 little friends?

 Baby Halle, just making herself at home - lol.

 The witches brew - so cute. It was made up of rotten teeth (marshmallows), monster belly button lint (chocolate chips), skeleton bones (pretzels), etc. 

My minion working hard.

There were so many people there! Probably at least 20 kids!

Tuesday evening we went t Byerly's Boo Blast, which was also super cute. They had a DJ, trick or treating, some arts and crafts, and someone doing free face painting. It was definitely worth the trip! Byerly's was so generous and the kids made out like bandits! Up next we have both Halle and Noelle's Halloween parties in their dance classes, Noelle's party at school, a Halloween party at Grandma Libby's nursing home, and then of course HALLOWEEN on Saturday! Whew!

For Boo Blast, she wanted to go as Princess Sofia AND a fairy, so she became Sofia the Fairy. :)

I was dressed to impress, as you can tell. (And Halle dressed as Sofia as well, to match her sister!)


Playing with vampire teeth that she got from Byerly's! Oh, how she loves them!

What I'm watching/reading:
I actually just finished a book, if you can believe it. I haven't had any time to read in forever so it's amazing I made time for anything! I indulged in a guilty pleasure and read Holly Madison's Down the Rabbit Hole. I watched 'The Girls Next Door' Seasons 1-3 (nothing after because it started getting weird, and then the main girls left), and I always adored Holly. She seemed genuine, sweet, smart, and above all, as someone who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I never thought she belonged at the Mansion and was happy for her when she got out. I followed her career after that, and followed her on social media. I was thrilled when her new book came out, so I finally got my hands on it. It wasn't a super, all time favorite read by any means, but it wasn't bad either. It was what it was. A guilty pleasure, both entertaining and interesting. Still love that girl.

What I'm listening to:

This is my jam. Besides, thank you Daya for telling other young girls to keep their clothes on and look for good boys.

Welcome back, lady.


Good beat, gets me in the mood to actually get dressed and put on makeup.

What I'm wearing: 
So much plaid. So much fur. So much boots. So much scarves. So much fall. I LOVE THIS WEATHER!! These are my favorite outfits! So comfy.

What I'm doing this weekend:
Halloween, obviously!! We will be taking the girls trick or treating (undecided if indoors or outdoors - or both!) and then on Sunday, Noelle and I will be meeting up with her friend Hailey at a barn to ride horses! Noelle has ridden on ponies before but never a large horse. It will be her first time, and she's thrilled!

Joey will be excited for me to put the Halloween decorations away, lol.

 I went a little crazy with the webs this year. lol. What can I say? I was really in the spirit.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Noelle's 4th birthday of course, and then Thanksgiving! Are you surprised that I love that holiday too?! I love all holidays. I have holiday issues. Haha.

Signing off, with some fall pictures! Happy WUW everyone!! Hope everyone's October was amazing, and here's to November! :D

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