September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesdays! - September '15


Thanks to  some of my fave blogging ladies (MelSheaffer, and Shay) for hosting this link up!

What we're eating:
Things are really changing around here! We are cracking down on what we are buying and feeding our kids! After a tough month with Noelle's stomach, we finally we're able to find some answers - and it all comes down to food! Things that are being introduced more in our house: FIBER. Bran. Sneaking vegetables into our foods. Increasing natural fruits. Only whole grain and whole wheat breads. Things being eliminated: Extra, unnecessary sweets. Anything made with white flour. Limiting processed and preservative filled  foods.

My baby getting her first X-ray to determine what was wrong with her little tummy!

What I'm reminiscing about:
We went to the most darling little girls party this past weekend! Noelle's dear little friend Emma turned 4, and the girls were treated to a trip to the Salon! They all got their nails done, and updos! Noelle was NOT having an updo, so she just got curls and glitter. :) She was happy with that!

Happy guest!

Pink with glitter for the win!

Birthday girl, Emma!

Girls getting all dolled up with lip gloss!

The cutest water bottles!

What I'm loving:
The new and improved Target! Oh my gosh. It's GORGEOUS. The new Targets have larger Home sections that are DECORATED and set up - just like a home goods store. It's unbelievable. I already am a huuuuge Target fan, (I go there only 4-5x a week after all) and think everything within their walls is adorable, but now I've been pushed over the edge. I didn't even KNOW that they were remodeling and setting up shop different and when I stumbled upon it, my mind was BLOWN. I think I literally gasped, "OMG OMG..." to myself under my breathe for a couple minutes as I walked around with my jaw dropped to the floor like some kind of goofball. Why, oh why Target, do you have to take all my money?!

What we've been up to:
We had a slew of birthday parties to attend this past month, went to a couple more weddings, and other family/friend events. We've been so busy, it's exhausting! But I shouldn't complain! *TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!*

Some of the fun things that happened in September:
Girls Got Dedicated!
Noelle Started Preschool!
Nik and Erin Got Married!
I Went To See Taylor!!
Joey took the girls to Mille Lacs!
Joey played at Tolly's Wedding!
I turned 30!

This picture cracks me up of Noelle and Myla. Like, what are they talking about? The latest fashions? Lol.

Going out to eat with my loves. Out to eat - translate to getting take out chinese and eating outside lol.

Library time with my lil minion.

What I'm working on:
Noelle's 4th birthday party!!!! So fun. I LOVE PLANNING PARTIES!!! I'm not super good at them, or fancy by any means (not like Mel Larson!! Get it girl), but I just love throwing them! I have so much fun working around a theme, customizing things to tailer my kids, and having all that cuteness around! It makes me happy! And it makes me even more happy when I see how much it makes Noelle happy.

Invites are all done and ready to be sent out!

What I'm excited about:
Noelle's dance year! She is doing SO well in class, and enjoys it so much more than last year! it is unbelievable how much a child grows in one year. Last year she was a bit more shy at dance, relied heavily on her teacher to aide her, and showed some skill, but not a whole lot of confidence. This year she is OWNING it. I was blown away watching her dance last week. She had the biggest smile on her face, stood front and center, and just beamed while kicking her legs and doing all the moves. She is in love with dance - all forms - ballet, jazz, and tap. She also loves to watch hip hop dance on youtube, music videos, and her older cousins dance in their classes.

What I'm reading:
Nothing, you guys, nothing. Between self Bible studies and finishing my last course at Saint Mary's, there is no leisure reading. Well, except for the occasional People or US Weekly. ;) Guilty pleasures!

What I'm wearing:
Being that I just went to a slew of weddings, besides my leggings and yoga pants, I've been wearing dresses! A look back at some of my faves from the last month (give or take).

Don't mind my poor posture...but I love my new faux fur vest.

Little white dress.

Love maxis.

Sequin royal blue number.
What I'm doing this weekend:
We have another birthday party, and then I'm hoping to take Noelle to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. We went for the first time last year, and it was so, so much fun. I'd love to be able to take Noelle this year, and get the ride the ponies since she was scared last year! She has told me she wants to ride them now, and that she also wants to go see the mermaids again!

What I'm looking forward to:
Halloween!! I love all holidays, as anyone who knows me already knows. Halloween is so much fun! I love getting the house "scary" and doing Halloween festivities with the kiddos! We've already gone shopping for costumes several times, but Noelle hasn't narrowed down what she wants to be yet! Some of the high contenders: Rainbow Dash from MLP, a unicorn, Princess Belle, Princess Ariel Princess Cinderella (do you see a theme here?), or Mal or Evie from Descendants. Halle has no choice in the matter, so I'm dressing her up as a minion from Despicable Me, lol. You only get a couple years before your kids make their own choices, so this one is entirely on mama. ;) I got her a little beanie with the googles, and she will just wear a yellow shirt and her little overalls! Easy peasy!

Happy Wednesday!!

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