September 16, 2015

Tolly Gets Married!

As many of you know, Joey plays in a band called "Earth to Tolly" with his good buddies, Jake, Krist, and Chris (aka Tolly, short for Tollefson - his last name). They have been playing together for years, before we all started having kids. They used to play regular shows in Stillwater but once the kids came, the shows kind of stopped. Well, they got together to play again at Chris' wedding a couple weeks ago! It was such a beautiful wedding, and the guys did great!

It was such a beautiful wedding! They had the actual ceremony at Trellis (which is owned by my sister in law Susan's aunt), in Stillwater, then the reception was held at Chris' dad's garage (more like barn). It was super nice, and had a rustic feel. All the bridesmaids and flower girls had real flower crowns on, and beautiful flowing dresses. Chris' wife, Lisa did a great job on the decor! They also had amazing food! It was a down to earth reception filled with flowing wine, beer, shredded barbecue pork, cheesy potatoes, and warm rolls. 
Us, before the wedding.

The boys ready to play.

The band! (Jake, Joey, Krist, and the groom, Chris.)

Band wives!

It was so fun. The girls and I were cracking up all night, catching up on our crazy lives and kids.

Congrats Tolly!!

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