September 16, 2015

Swiftie For Life; Taylor Swift Concert

Okay. This was honestly, easily, one of the best nights of my LIFE. I went on and on about this passionately already to various people, so I won't do that here, lol, but it was just AMAZING. I love Taylor Swift like she's my lifelong friend, and to finally see her perform live (crossing it off my bucket list!) ON THE FLOOR next to the stage --- um, my mind was blown. 

This is NOT zoomed in!! This is how close I was!!!

Joey's step mom is really good friends with Taylor's choreographer, so she was able to hook us up with some VERY amazing seats for a great price. We were on the floor, in row 22. To be 22 rows from the stage in itself is amazing, but what was REALLy amazing was that we were about only 4 seats away from the catwalk that she performs on for majority of the show! She also happens to stop midway on the catwalk and perform there at a standstill - which was NEXT to us. It was incredible. I could have touched her if I had nudged some people over, hahaha. Not that I would do that. ;)

 I have the crappiest camera phone ever, but this is what the stage looked like from our seats.

Here's my girl!! LOOOVE.

She was such a great performer. She played the piano, guitar, sang, danced, gave the most inspiring, sweet speeches and had me laughing!! Her show was so, so good. The best concert I've ever been to easily. She had the cutest videos playing when she would go change costumes, with all her cute squad friends - Selena Gomez, Cara Delavinge, Haim, Jaime King, etc. And her cats! Hahaha. She's so cute.

Whenever she did an older country song, I would flip. I love her new stuff sooo much, but I also love old Taylor tunes. She had new versions of all her songs, which really reflected on her new style. They had new from a 25 year olds perspective rather than a 17 year old. She was so perfect at capturing her age, maturity, and evolving style in her old songs.

No zoom people! This picture is from my friend Dawn's camera, which, obviously is 500 times better quality than mine.


She had an awesome moving catwalk that would rise up higher so she could reach more fans sitting farther up. 

 Me and my date Dawn! I got the tickets last minute (the morning of the show) so I didn't know or have a plan on who I was bringing with! I asked a few friends and everyone was unable to attend...I was getting worried I was going to be taking Noelle, lol, but Dawn was ecstatic to go! We literally discussed it an hour before we left -- spontaneous fun is always the best isn't it?!

She was just so cute. I know, I've already said that a million times, but really. Can we please be best friends?

 Bad Blood.



She gave everyone a LED light wristband that would change color for each different song. It was so cool to see the whole Xcel Center lit up! I gave the bracelet to Noelle as a souvenir, and she loves it. She tells people that "Taylor Swift gave it to me."

Thank you Taylor for giving us your all. I was so inspired by how sweet you are, and how giving you are to your fans. Your music is everything, and you are my spirit animal. I love you!!

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  1. o glad you got to enjoy a birthday of your "wildest dreams" wearing "that red lip classic thing" and... To be so close to Tay! Yay!


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