September 15, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays!

Just for fun, I had to get in on Show & Tell Tuesdays with Andrea and share my 5 dinner guests! I haven't even blogged lately about anything relevant in my life, but don't you love that I'll jump in on this? LOL. Priorities. Anyways, on to my list.

1. So easy. TAYLOR SWIFT. This is my girl. My spirit animal. My best friend who doesn't know she's my best friend. I've loved her since the beginning. I loved country Taylor. I love pop Taylor. I love all Taylor, all the time. I just went to her concert on Sunday (which I'll blog about later) and sat on the floor. I was next to stage, so close I could touch her if I nudged a few people over. ;) My love soared like I didn't even know it could. She's an incredible person, performer, and is just so dang beautiful inside and out. It may be cheesy, but she gives the most incredible motivational speeches during her concerts. It may seem "preachy" but I love it. She has so many young fans that look up to her, and she tells them that they are BEAUTIFUL, WORTHY, and she just exudes CONFIDENCE. I love her.

2. Alright, let's keep with this TSwift squad theme shall we? SELENA GOMEZ. Girl is so cute. I can't even. I just want to talk to her, hug her, smell her. And I want to gossip about her ex-boyfriend like mad. I just want to know, is JBieb as awful as he seems? Is he just misunderstood? Girl, give me the deets. I also love that she talks about her faith openly, even thanking God after her performances, and talking about her renewed faith in interviews.

Helping a fan with depression.

3. CONAN O'BRIEN. Could you imagine the laughs? Oh my gosh. He would have me peeing my pants. (Which isn't hard to do, lol.) Joey and I have been watching him for years. When we first started dating we would stay up and watch Conan, and just laugh our asses off. He is just hilarious!! I love his silliness. And not many people know this, but he's actually a Universal Life Church minister. I would LOVE to hear about that!

Collection of bloopers!

4. Speaking of silliness...JIMMY FALLON. I mean, come on! What a fun time that would be, am I right?!?! Plus, he's a dad of littles. We can relate on how awful(ly sweet) our kids are!

I laughed until I cried.

5. ELLEN DEGENERES!!!!! My lady!!!!! She is actually my favorite out of everyone in the comedy/talk show business. She makes me dance, laugh, and laugh, and laugh! And what a beautiful, sweet heart. So genuine. Always helping others and reminding people to be kind. What an uplifting, positive person, who has to go through adversity on the daily. Not to mention she ALWAYS has kids on ehr show and she's always finding talented littles on youtube and sparking their careers and fame. (Hello, Sofia Grace and Rosie!!!!) Love her so much.

Her way of life: Laugh. Dance. Love.

Can't wait to get back into the swing of things and post more later!!


  1. Girl, I'm so glad someone else gets the Taylor lifestyle! I met her mom at her concert back in June. Next step is Taylor, herself. Baby steps, though, baby steps! I totally told Tay she could bring her whole squad -- Meredith and Olivia included! ;)

    Angela @ Top Knots and Curly Locks


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