September 21, 2015

Noelle Starts Preschool!!

My little muffin started her first year of preschool! This was a big step for us, because it's all day, 3x a week, and she rides the bus! 

First, we had orientation night where the parents get to come in with their kid to meet the teachers, see the class, tour the school, etc. etc. 

 It was so cute to see her name all over the classroom! 

Getting fitted for her bus vest! It's a harness since they are still so itty bitty!

My baby is a Mounds View Mustang!

Noelle and I worked on her family scrapbook page that she will get to share with her classmates, and will also be added into their classroom scrapbook.

Her first cold lunch! I hate doing these things. Lol. I always assumed when I was younger that I would sign my kids up for hot lunch just for the ease and convenience. Well, now that I actually have a kid at school, and she is the world's pickiest eater, I have no choice! She has said she will only eat what mama packs her!

Despite how cute this picture LOOKS, it was a pretty bad first day of school morning. She cried all morning, and was screaming about everything. "NO! I don't want to go to school! NO! I don't want to get dressed! NO I'M NOT GOING!!! Don't bring my blanket to school! I don't want nothing at school!!!" It was AWFUL.

Here she is smiling through her tears. I only got a few smiles because I had to promise her that we would get a new toy when she got home. (Which we did. She didn't forget, like I was hoping, lol.)

Here are some pictures BEFORE the bribery. They are the world's saddest first day pictures, lol. How can someone be so sad about going to school!? Aww.

Here comes the bus!

My baby going to her first day of preschool on the big kid bus!!

Not going to lie, when she got on the bus, I was really, really sad. I felt so bad for her because when it was approaching she started begging me to ride the bus with her. It broke my heart! The bus was a little too much for me - it pushed me over the edge. 

Afterwards, daddy came to pick her up from school and they went for a much deserved McDonald's happy meal dinner!

Despite what happened that morning, she said she had fun, that she liked it, and that she wanted to go back!

Day 2. I had the daycare kids in the stroller to wish Noelle off. They love watching the bus regardless.

Day 2. It went MUCH better!

Bye Noelle!

Since the first day, it's been much better. She continued to say that she likes school, wants to go back, and had fun. Last Friday she wasn't feeling well and already had her first absence. Today she went back and did great. When the bus came she jumped out of the Barbie Jeep she was playing in and screamed, "My bus! My bus!" She grabbed her backpack and said "Hurry mama! Hurry!" She put her backpack on and ran down the driveway, screaming "Bye babies!!!!" to her sister and the daycare kids. It was so cute. She was so excited and that made me so happy! My baby is a big girl!! Love her so much. Hoping this year is amazing for her and that she enjoys each day she's there!

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  1. Aw! I am sure she'll enjoy it over the year - what a big girl! Her sadness on the first day goes to show how much fun she has at home with her awesome mama!!


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