September 16, 2015

Mama Turns 30!

I turned 30 you guys. There's not much I have to share about it, except that I rang the year in wonderfully. It started with having a day off the weekend before my birthday, and going shopping alone, and getting to sleep in. Then my lovies threw me a "surprise" birthday party. LOL. Noelle whispers to me the night before my birthday, "Mama. I need to tell you a secret. Daddy and I are going to have a surprise birthday party for you. But you can't tell anyone though."

Noelle and Joey went to the party store together and he said that Noelle picked out all my stuff. So she threw me a "Shake It Off" birthday party, but since they don't actually make Taylor Swift party supplies, hahaha, Noelle just got me everything in assorted colors to give me a rainbow theme. They also made the cake for me, haha. We celebrated with cake, cookie dough ice cream, and dancing to Taylor, of course. I actually came out of the bedroom to the lights off, "Shake it Off" playing, and my girls dancing around with noise makers, haha.

 I also celebrated by going to Bamboo Betty's with some of my girlfriends for a much needed mom's night out. (Gaotah and Annie don't have kids, but everyone else does.) It was lots of fun! I never go out, so even though this wasn't anything big, it was really fun to get out and have adult/mom/girl conversations, dance, and have drinks!

Lastly, to ring in my 30s, Joey got me tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!! Heck yes!!!! His step mom is really good friends with Taylor's choreographer, so she was able to get us very, very good seats, for a discount! It was amazing. But that deserves its own post!! That's up next! :)

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