September 22, 2015

Life Lately Photo Dump

Being overbooked and overtired = overdue!! Here's a little photo dump from the last few weeks!

Enjoying one of the last days of summer!

 With her best friend Myla, at her sister Adalie's Sip and See!

Just coloring pony pictures and being sweeties!

Sisterly love!!!

 "Get in here too, Ella!"

Pony obsessed, with her pal Hailey!

An outing with Grandma Sue and Don!

This is how we wait at the doctor's office. LOL

Happy Halle!

Noelle likes to take pictures now. Oh well. At least now there are some of mom and dad!

My little photographer.

 Baby Halle loves Baby Simon!!

Kind of a scary mommy and me selfie, but sometimes, I want to be documented with my children too! 

Little buddies!

Babies R Us.

Eating Paninos in her swimsuit.

Halle an Bailey twinning!

 Sister, sister.

 These two do everything together now. They often go into their bedroom and close the door. I'm always suspicious but usually open the door to find them reading books together, coloring, or brushing each other's hair. LOL

Day 2 of Mommy and Me class. Halle at least stood on the floor this time and didn't scream bloody murder....but she didn't really participate either.

This picture is so funny. Not because Ellie is in the class and carrying baby Halle around, but because Noelle is hopping around the room like a bunny. Haha. I'm so glad ONE of my kids likes to dance.

 Time to stretch!

Having a yummy cupcake at little cousin Lucy's first birthday party!

Lucy's tea party was adorable!


Halle hanging out with Great Aunt Cathy.

Tea bag cookies? Uh. Perfection.

The birthday girl!

Playing at the park during the party!

Halle and Harrison!

So much fun!

My sweetheart!

A trip to the library!

Another day, another park.

Trying on mama's heels before church.

Rain, rain, go away!

Getting down on some orange chicken and lo mein at the mall.

Hailey and Halle after getting matching pedicures.

Ella and Halle examining the new fall leaves!

Bailey and Halle hanging out in their jammies!

Whew! What a busy few weeks we've had. I'm excited for things to slow down just a tad! We have a birthday party every weekend for the next month, but all of our BIG stuff (family wedding, dedication, school starting, etc.) is over! Time to unwind and let fall arrive!! So ready to tackle this year!

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