September 16, 2015

Labor Day Weekend on Mille Lacs!

Over Labor Day weekend (yes, I am so overdue on posting, lol), Joey and the girls gave me a much needed day off and went up to the cabin! They left Saturday morning and returned Sunday at about lunch time. I wish they had been gone longer (oops, did I just say that) but it was still a really great weekend! I enjoyed my day off at home cleaning leisurely, took a trip to Hobby Lobby alone, and did some physics homework. I know, exciting. Joey and the girls had a GREAT day at the lake! Here are pictures from their girls and daddy only day trip!

The girls with their cousin Ava! I couldn't believe Noelle even got on the tube! That's so gutsy for her!

Halle's first dip in the lake!

WIth cousin Gracie! The girls were up there with the Holmboes (Joey's sister's family), Sue and Don, the other Wagners (Cory and Susan's family), and Nik and Erin.

Cory and Baby Halle! Her first jet ski ride! Even Noelle hasn't gone on the jet ski!

Lots of firsts for Halle! Here she is on her first four wheeler ride!

Daddy and Noelle!

We got some tired kiddos!

The arms. LOL

Halle asleep in Ellie's arms.

The girls had a blast and it was the perfect ending to their summer!

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