September 28, 2015

Halle's 17-18 Month Check In!

My sweet Halle baby. I haven't updated on her in roughly 2 months, so it's about time I take some record notes, eh?

Watching Care Bears while holding her Care Bears, when she was a little sick!

New developments:
Her speech is finally coming around! She now says (a little bit) more, including: Yes. No. Well (Noelle). Duck. Quack. Baa! (For sheep.) Doda (Dora). There. Whaz-tha? (What's that?) Thaa-you. (Thank you.) Yuv-you. (I love you.) Mo (More).  Halle has gotten good with her hands! She can grasp markers/crayons/pens really well and LOVES art. That's her absolute favorite thing. She also plays just like Noelle. She mimics what she sees, and can move the dolls around in the dollhouse and pretends to have them talk to each other.

Playing dress up with Bailey.

She is in 18-24 months or 2T clothes, size 5 shoes, and has 8 teeth! She can now climb up the slide, and go down it all by herself. She's a pretty good climber and has gotten the hang of getting onto furniture and getting herself down safely. She's a little on the shorter side, lol, so it takes her a bit more effort than your average kiddo. She has the curliest hair! It's absolutely adorable and hilarious! She comes out of the bath and we all call her "Richard Simmons." LOL

She LOVES playing tea party.

Current loves:
This kid is so weird. She's just like her sister. She LOVES The Descendants, which is totally a tween movie, lol. She likes the music and actually when it's on, she will sit there, mesmerized, and actually watch it. She loves all music really, and likes to dance. Her version of dancing is just twirling around in a circle until she falls over. She also loves Care Bears, books, anything and everything Dora, and coloring with markers.

Sleeping beauty.

She's getting pickier, which sucks. Her menu is not very large. Her favorites include hummus, chips, pretzels, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, pancakes, and ketchup with everything. While Noelle chugged milk, Halle NEVER drinks milk. I don't think she's had a single glass of milk since turning one years old. She just does not like it!

I can catch her periodically, and get her to poo in the potty! Yay for saving on wipes and diaps!

Needy. Whiny. Cuddly. Funny. Sweet. We call her our little minion now because she reminds us of the minions from Despicable Me. LOL! She talks JUST like them! She has her own little language, and she toodles around like them, so the name has stuck. We're pretty sure that's what her Halloween costume will be this year too!

Same as Noelle at this age: the blanket and the paci!!! She carries around one of three blankets all the time. She's picky and knows which ones she likes. We're down to 2 pacis and will NOT buy anymore, so once these are lost, that's it!

She still hates dance class, but she likes dance! Lol. Some of us are not natural students. ;)

Mama loves you so much honey bunches! You are always my sunshine, forever!

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