September 16, 2015

Dance 2015-2016

Another new dance year as begun! Noelle is in her second year of dance class, with her dance BFFs once again...Emma and Charlotte! And Halle just started her Mommy & Me class!


 Last year they learned and performed tap and ballet. This year they will be introduced to jazz!

Here's Halle before her class, lol.

She looked pretty happy BEFORE class, but going to class was another story! Holy moly guacamole. She CRIED (like SCREAMED) the WHOLE time. She didn't do ANYTHING, except the tambourine part, and at the end ran to get a sucker. LOL. That was so unexpected! Halle is our adventurous one, and Noelle is our shy one. Noelle was VERY shy and clingy during her Mommy & Me class but she never cried. I never would have expected Halle to cry! It was pretty embarrassing, haha.

Noelle came into the class with us, and she did everything, of course. The teacher said she could be the helper, and she was all into it. It was a nice refresher course for her, haha.

 Just for fun, I put Halle in the same first day of dance leotard that Noelle wore on her first day of class!

 I LOVE the back of this leo!

After class of course she was all smiles, and danced all over the house. Naturally. LOL. My kids are trying to kill me. Let's see what happens this week!

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