September 21, 2015

Another Wagner Wedding!

We had a VERY special and big celebration a couple weekends ago....Nik and Erin's wedding!! Yay!! It was so much fun, and it was great to celebrate these two getting married. We love so much. Erin has been around the family for pretty much as long as I have. We only have them beat by one year! It was so great to finally have her become my legit sister in law! They had their ceremony at Longfellow Park in Minneapolis, and then the party continued at Wabasha Street Caves. (Which was super cool. They had the whole place rented out for themselves and it was perfect. They had a very large reception - 175 guests!) The only kids at the wedding were immediate family and it was super fun for the littles!! They thought they were pretty cool being the only kids there, and of course, all happened to be cousins. :) Noelle talked about Nik and Erin's "cave wedding" for weeks. 

Sue and Nik.

Erin coming out with her dad AND mom! So sweet.

Bride and groom

Mama's girl!


Beautiful cousins.

 All the nieces and nephews with the bride and groom (aka the cool aunt and uncle)!

 Sweet clan.

 Halle is pretty partial to Ava!

The original five! (Siblings Joey, Heather, Nik, Staci, and Cory!)

Daddy and his lady.

Princesses Viviana and Noelle!

 Beautiful girl cousins!

On our way to the caves!

Congrats Nik and Erin!!!!

 The "big" Wagner cousins + spouses!

More cousins from the Gerner (Sue's) side! 

What an awesome day!!! Can't wait to see the professional pictures!! Here's to another Wagner clan!!! Love!

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