August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesdays! - August '15


I'd like to say that I hit a new record for longest hiatus from my blog, but alas, it wouldn't be true. Lol. It seems that lately all my posts have been reaaaaally spaced out! I've missed countless amounts of Link Ups, and updates! Oh well! That means I've been busy with life, and I suppose that's not a (terribly) bad thing!

So here we are -- say it isn't so!! The last Wednesday of the month ALREADY! I'm so glad to be back! Hoping fall brings some calm (although I doubt it)! Thanks to  some of my fave blogging ladies (MelSheaffer, and Shay) for hosting this link up!

What we are eating this week:
Nothing too exciting in this department! We tried out some new freezer meals, including some delicious verdes chicken enchiladas, this past month and I'm hoping to add a few more in this upcoming month! It's nice to have meals ready to go. This week we have tacos on the menu, sweet and sour chicken, and a couple "fend for yourself" nights. Lol. On Monday I taught Noelle and her little friend Hailey how to shuck corn, so they helped me, and we made some fresh corn on the cob for lunch.

Putting the kids to work! Yes!

What I'm reminiscing about:
I'm reminiscing all about the weddings and the love that we have celebrated in the last month! I love love, and I love being in love, and I love weddings! Corny right?! That's me! I cry at EVERY wedding. I love listening to vows. So cheesy. We had a big month full of wedding celebrations and still more to come! We are going to our friend Chris' wedding this weekend (Joey is playing in the band during the reception), and we have Nik and Erin's wedding coming up in about two weekends from now. Here's a glance at the few wedding celebrations we were part of this past month...

Here the girls and I are all ready to go to Joey's cousin's daughter (does that make her a second cousin?) Schyla's wedding!

Just waiting for daddy to get his butt in the car! Is it a surprise daddy always takes the longest?

Joey and his girl.

Mama and Halle!


End of the night. Noelle was exhausted from dancing. Lol.

My very good friend Jessie got married too! She had a secret ceremony with only closest family, and then had a small reception afterwards with family and close friends. She told me about it though because she can't keep anything from me, lol, so I was with her before her ceremony!

Getting dolled up!

I also had Erin's bachelorette party! We went out to Betty Danger's and then club hopped. I am getting way too old for this, lol. I was EXHAUSTED, and yawning at the bar! Who does that!?

Getting ready to ride the ferris wheel.


Another sweet friend of mine, Donna, got eloped a few weeks ago! She kept it a complete secret from everyone, including family! They went away on their own and had a ceremony. So her besties threw her a wonderful bridal shower last weekend to celebrate! It was a great day, and was really beautiful. 

Me and the gorgeous bride!

 Cutest "guestbook" ever!

What I'm loving:
I splurged and got myself an early birthday present - a new Bible! It's a nice one, and was a bit pricey but it has large margins for journaling, and I LOVE IT. It's not as portable, but it's perfect for the nightstand. I have been doing Bible studies on my own through my Bible App at night, and making notes and highlights on my phone. I was journaling verses and interpretations that stood out to me in a notebook, but it didn't seem "enough." I wanted all my notes, thoughts, questions, in one place - the Bible. I love this Bible so, so much. Studying and journaling has deepened my understanding of the Bible, and has brought me closer to God. The sweetest thing is that Noelle thinks it is super cool, lol, so she wants to do it too! She has her own children's Precious Moment's Bible, and there are pictures in it, so now I let her color it. We sit and journal together. :) One more reason why I am loving this Bible, is that one day I hope to hand it down to my children (and hope they hand it down). How cool would it be to have your grandma's Bible, or great grandma's Bible with all her thoughts, notes, and questions in it? Joey makes fun of me because, "Who would have thought all you wanted for your birthday was a new Bible?" Oh well. :) 

Here are some of my journals...some are completed, some are in development! :)

Very important to me, and the foundation of it all: Kindness.


One day I was really, really angry. I tried not to be, but I was. I went through the Bible and found some of the best verses on anger. Seems silly, but after rereading them, writing them, and journaling about it, I did feel more calm, and a beautiful part of my journaling Bible was created.

Not done yet. Waiting on a new gold pen, and also a good eraser, lol.

Also still under construction. :)

I try to add silly little personal details, that I hope my family will spot one day. Like the "W" on the mailbox. ;)

I haven't found the right gold pen yet, so this isn't done yet, but it's my favorite so far. 


Love this one too. It's just so true.


What we've been up to:
Like I mentioned earlier, we have been to tons of weddings and wedding related activities. We have also had lots of play dates!! Joey has also been so busy preparing for Chris' wedding - he's been gone every Sunday to practice with the band. I've also been busy with school (finally I am about half way done with this last class), and added some new friends to our daycare! It's been a whirlwind!

This is the newest addition to our daycare! Baby Simon! And Noelle LOVES him!

We had our dear friends over (the boys I used to nanny) for dinner, and the kids had so much fun. They are like cousins. It's a wonderful relationship.

This is hilarious. Noelle putting Myla's shoes on for her so she can continue eating her chips. (Those are crushed chips on the ground too, lol.) What are friends for, right?

What I'm dreading:
Nothing really. I know it's crazy, but at this very moment I don't feel dread! I usually have anxiety over my physics class, but I know that if I give myself plenty of time to sit with the book, some coffee, and be away from the house and fam, I can do it. It almost gives me a bit of a break from the chaos at home. I cannot stand the topic, and I don't enjoy it, but it is what it is, and I have to do it! I'm also not dreading getting back into shape as much either. I started to clean up some of my summer splurging, and started to limit cocktails and I've already seen a few pounds drop. That's always motivating! So now I just need to get those running shoes laced back up and start working out again!

What I'm working on:
The girls' dedication! I made a few decor items for the brunch buffet, and now I just have to get a menu ready that will be super easy. The service will be at 10, and then I have family coming over for brunch afterwards, and I just don't know how I'm going to have warm food ready to go! I don't want to miss any of the service myself, so I don't want to have to leave early in order to get food ready, but I also don't want to enlist anyone else's help ether for the same reason! I'm looking for an easy menu that I can pull together that will be satisfying, yet easy to prepare ahead of time, an maybe just heat up while people socialize and have some mimosas?!?! 


I have a few other things made as well, like things for the girls individually, that will eventually be hung in their room, but they aren't done yet!

What I'm excited about:
This is seriously awful, but I'm excited for Noelle to start school! I am sad, no doubt, it's very bittersweet, but I think it will be so good for us! She and I have been pretty much joined at the hip (her on my hip) since birth! She's never really been away from me or with someone else. We are very attached to each other! I love it, of course, she's my first baby, but space is needed! She's a very shy child, very reserved, and cautious. She wants to be with me all the time and wants my help all the time. I think school (all day, nonetheless) will be really healthy for her. She will be gone for 3 full days a week, which I think is perfect for her age. I think it will be great that there will be days at home with me, where we can do our normal routine of going to the library, going grocery shopping, playing together, her spending time with Halle, etc. However, there are 3 full days for her to get used to being with other caregivers, take direction from teachers, eat meals with others (hoping it will expand her palate), and socialize. I want her to get more acquainted with others. She LOVES her friends, and socializes with them none stop, but in new situations or with new people, she just shuts down! For example, f we go to the park and there are other kids there, she won't even go play. She's so scared to talk to new people! She will ask me to ask the other kids if they will play with her, and even when she plays with them, she's shy, and just follows them, never using her own voice. :( I think school will be great for her. PLUS, I am super excited to spend some more time with Halle! Little one needs some special one on one attention too! :)

Excited to spend more time with this booger!

What I'm watching/reading:
We have watched the Disney movie, The Descendants, multiple times this last week. Holy moly. Noelle is OBSESSED with this movie. I hate to admit that I enjoy it too, so although I try not to, I end up sitting there watching it with her. I have yet to tune in to any other shows. Remember last month when I said I was going to watch "I Am Cait?" Yeah. That happened once. And reading? Forget about it. If I ever finish my physics class, I really want to pick up "Down The Rabbit Hole!" Guilty pleasure for sure!

The Descendants trailer.

What I'm listening to:
Noelle mostly, lol. This kid sings and dances all day, every day. Who has time to listen to anything else?


What I'm wearing:
This is almost as awful as "What we're eating this week." LOL. I'm wearing, let's see, yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops! It's truly a disgrace. For someone who used to be super into fashion, even contemplated being a fashion designer, and has managed two retail boutiques....I've got nothing. I wouldn't say I'm in a funk - I just don't whip up anything good during the summer! I wear a couple cute outfits sporadically when we go out, or I have an event, but that's it! Normal days = normal fare.

What I'm doing this weekend:
Going to Chris' wedding! That's our only major plan for the weekend, and I am sooooo relieved. The last few weekends we have had plans Friday night, multiples on Saturday, and some on Sundays. Also, Joey has been gone every Sunday. I'll be glad to get my spouse back after this weekend!

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Oh, so many things!! 1. Labor Day weekend. 2. My 30th birthday! 3. Nik and Erin's wedding! 4. Noelle starts PRESCHOOL!! (she's riding the bus and everything! Tear!) 5. Girls' dedication. 6. Noelle starts her second year of dance. Can you believe all this is happening just in September!?!?

Thanks again for hosting ladies!! If it wasn't for this link up, who knows when I would have posted again, LOL! And thanks for reading! I love sharing with you and reading your WUWs too!Happy Wednesday!! 

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  1. Awesome update! And I love your absolutely BEAUTIFUL notes in the margins. Makes me smile from ear to ear! XOXO


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