August 29, 2015

Summer's (Almost) Over - Say Wha?!

Finally - getting around to regularly posting again. Mostly because I am procrastinating from working on my physics homework - haha.

I CANNOT believe that summer is just about over! Wah! It has hit me hard this week that it's almost over because the weather here as been more fallish than summerish! It rained a lot in the last couple weeks and has actually been chilly. :( We went out one night for dinner and we all had to put on SWEATSHIRTS. What!? Also, it's the end of August! When the State Fair is here, I know summer is at it's end!

I love, love, love, fall - it's just the best season, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer! Here's an update on our Summer Bucket List....

1. Chalk paint/chalk ice.
2. Summer dance for Noelle.

Here's boogerilly in her "jazz" dance clothes! This was her first time being introduced to jazz! She learned all sorts of leg lifts, jumps, how to do the bridge, and how to do 6 o'clocks! She loves it!!

3. Swim in the pool at Gracie's!

4. Beach!

5. Picnics!
6. Lots of walks.
7. Lots of popsicles.

8. Set up the tent outside. - I don't know why I never got to this. I even had a themed "Camping" week for the kids, but just never got to doing this!! I think we may still be able to get this crossed off our list though over Labor Day weekend at the cabin!

9. Nature walk and scavenger hunt.

We had a scavenger hunt with a list that included spotting a butterfly, leaves, pinecones, spiderwebs, etc. The kids LOVED it! 

10. Make bouncing bubbles. -- Nope, didn't get this checked off - but confident that we will do this...someday, lol.
11. Create a "waterpark" in our backyard.

We did this a few times, where I set up two pools, the water table, and a "splash pad" and even the sprinkler. It was great!! The best part was not having to leave our house! Haha.

12. Have a summer play date party. -- Nope, didn't happen. Too busy! Oh well, possibly a Fall/Halloween one?!
13. Bring the girls to a splash pad. -- So sad, I never did this! It was hard with doing daycare all summer.
14. Zoo date. -- Mom fail, again!
15. Make water beads with the kids. -- Meh. 
16. Feet paint.

We did this a couple times. It was so messy lol. Alas, kids loved it and that's all that matters. :)

17. Make moonsand. -- I think we will do this in the fall! 
18. Make our own ice cream. -- I never made Mel's ice cream, I still need to try!!
19. Teach Noelle how to play soccer.

20. Lots of fro-yo dates.


21. Sabbath Sundays.
We tried to have a relaxing, fully enjoyable Sunday each week this summer. Noelle and I attended church pretty regularly, and we always celebrated the start of the new week with, you guessed it, DONUTS!!!!

Donuts at church!

We got to sit next to our new little lady friend, Miss Adalie at church!

23. Mom and dad only date nights.

We got SOOO much better at going out on dates this summer! We made it a priority and even though we didn't make it out each week alone, we got in at least two kid free dates per month! I know, I know, that doesn't sound like much but baby steps right?! We enjoyed dinners alone, trips shopping alone, and even a couple movies!!

23. Friday Family Date nights!


Pretty much every time we go out, Noelle wants to sit next to daddy. What am I? Chopped liver? Haha, just kidding, it's great since she's already with me all day. :)

24. Ice play on hot days. -- Nope, although we had tons of popsicles, and they would melt everywhere and chunks of it would be on the ground - does that count?

25. Lots of play dates with besties.

Helping Myla put on her shoes, so she doesn't have to stop eating her chips, lol.

Her other BFF - Emma! They spent a lot of days which other this summer!! Love it.

And more Myla! Her forever bestie!

These two! 

In one year these two have gone from meeting to best friends. This is Noelle's first friend that she proclaimed her "best" friend, and asks for on the regular. She loves her, and I can't wait to see what another year will bring! Can't even imagine them and their new vocabulary and discoveries next summer!

With Amery man!! Love him. This was one of Noelle's first friends too! We've known him since he was fresh out of the womb!

26. Wading pool trips. -- Not even once! Oh well. We spent LOTS of time in our pool!
27. Cabin trips. -- We STILL have yet to go! Our first and only trip will be Labor Day!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL summer! We did!!

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  1. Aw loved this recap of your summer! Impressed that Noelle learned some jazz. So fun! And adore the pics of Myla and Noelle. They truly are best friends. Every day I will say, "tomorrow we are going to..." (go to the Y, go to Bible study, go to a playdate etc) and she always always says, "And Noelle will be there?" haha! Oh how she wishes they could play every single day.


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