August 3, 2015

Halle's Sweet 16 Months

My sweet sunshine Halle is 16 months now! Sigh. She's so close to 18 months, and once they reach that point they are hardly babies anymore! Wah! Halle, you will ALWAYS be mama's baby, ALWAYS! 

Here's 16 for my babycakes.

1. Halle has 6 teeth now!! She developed 4 of them just in the last month! For a teething baby, she has been no worse for wear. She hasn't shown any discomfort, and has been sleeping soundly (for the most part) at night. 

2. Halle started to talk a little bit this month! She is more mimicking what she hears more than anything, but we can really tell that she is trying! My favorite thing that she can say is "right dur." She responds with that when we ask her where someone is, or where something is in a book. She doesn't say much else though, lol. She still only says mama, dada, yes, annnnd that's about it. Haha.

3. Halle is super opinionated and independent. She continues to act like she's much older than she is, by mimicking her sister and other older kids. She has literally no fear, and will climb anything, go anywhere, etc. She will scream in Noelle's face (or anyone's for that matter) if she does anything to her, and she's just not scared. She's not intimidated by older children, and she acts like she has authority over other kids that are her age, lol. She wants to do everything alone, and will yell at us if we try to help her. 

4. Halle loves books, just like her sister! She, however, does not like variety. Lol. We are sooo sick of the books that she likes, but of course we read them every single day. Her favorites include a Dora counting book, a Dora season book, a Hello Kitty birthday book, and a few different touch and feel books. If you even try to introduce a new book to her she will grab it, throw it on the ground, and shake her head. 

5. Sunshine eats everything! She's been nicknamed "chub scout" by the family because she loves to eat. She could literally eat all day. And she eats so much! She's always the first one at the table, and the last. She eats seconds, and thirds if you let her! We have to cut her off from food every day! Some of her favorites are: hummus, bagels, cheese, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, and french toast.

6. Halle has preferences now about what she wears. Obviously, it's not as severe as Noelle (who dresses herself to my dismay) but she will flat out yell at me if I offer her something to change into. She needs to be given choices, lol, and she will always pick the dress or character shirt if that's a choice. She  LOVES dresses, which I think is because she doesn't like pants. When she's in a t-shirt, she often ends up pantless somehow, and she loves it. 


7. Her favorite shows include: Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies, and whatever Noelle's watching. If she has a choice, those three shows are her go-tos, but she often gets stuck watching what Noelle is watching. She likes those shows too, although I know those shows are way too advanced for her. 

8. Halle hates getting her hair washed. Her hair is just unruly and curly and is easily tangled, so I want to wash it all the time. She throws huge fits though! She will arch her back, scream, try to climb out of the tub, shake her head and throw her body around, etc. 


9. Her favorite songs are "Wheels on the Bus," "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," and Fifth Harmony's "Worth It." LOL. I'm not joking. Even Noelle calls that song, "Halle's Song." Every time it comes on, Halle starts to sway and kick her legs. She loves it. We have dance parties to it all the time at home now too.

10. Halle is not a homebody. She likes to be out and about all the time. There are days where she grunts and points at the door, until we finally go somewhere! Then she gets out and is happy as ever! She laughs gleefully when we put her shoes on and she often will grab her shoes and bring them to us to put on her. She associates shoes with leaving the house, lol. She also has grabbed the diaper bag before and dragged it to me, then pointed at the door, haha.

11. This kid is an entertainer/performer just like her sister. Noelle and Halle put on shows for us daily! Halle likes to sing into her microphone and dance and run around the living room in circles. 

12. Halle loves gymnastics. Obviously she can't do anything, lol, but she always puts her head down in downward dog position. This means that she wants you to assist her in tumbling! She loves somersaults  and laughs uncontrollably when she is flipped upside down. As soon as she's old enough, I'll sign her up for a tumbling class!

13. Halle is my sunshine. She's always smiling her contagious smile, and making me belly laugh! She is  just sheer and simply joy. She's always laughing, being lovey dovey, and enjoys cuddling and hugging it out.

14. Halle may be picky about her clothes, but the one thing she lets me do is her hair! I love it! She lets me put in bows and hair clips, and she keeps headbands and hats on! Noelle NEVER let me do her hair at this age, (or now) so she always looked like a rag muffin (still does).

15. All of Halle's nicknames that have been accumulated: Baby Hay Hay (Uncle Michael), Halle Bear (Grandma Sue), Bubba Chumps (me and Joey), Chub Scout (Uncle Nik), Halle Bally (everyone), Baby Halle (everyone, but especially Noelle now), Sunshine (me), Halle Boo Boo and Halle Bubba (Grandpa Don). 

16. Other favorites: Combing mama's hair, going on walks, roaming the mall, going to the library, swinging, watching dance, being outside, pouring water, kisses, her 3 blankets, her pacifier, and wrestling with daddy.

Sunshine, I love you more and more every day, and I don't even know how that's possible. You are my sunshine.

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