July 7, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays: Basic B Beauty Routine

Is this a joke? Beauty routine?! Are you ready for the most basic b*tch beauty routine ever?! Pardon my speech, but seriously.

It's a hot mess, just like me.

My everyday.
1. Wash face with some straight up old school Neutrogena Acne face wash. Yes, I totally have wrinkles AND zits. It's glorious.
2. Lotionize with Aveeno.
3. Powder bronzer, all over. This helps me look less dead.
4. Mac blush on cheeks for a little pinch of rosy.
5. Lancome mascara. (My favorite! It makes my almost non-existent eyelashes look long and curled! And natural to boot!)
6. Eyeliner. I'm cheap and non-picky about this one. I use any brand that I have on hand, and I've recently gone from using black to dark brown for daytime.

Mac brushes are the best!

Horrible picture, wonderful blush. This is called "Breezy" and it looks SUPER pink, but that's why it's great. A little touch of it goes a long way! I've had this since Christmas and it looks like I haven't even used it, while I go through bronzer in a month or two. It makes my cheeks look flushed in a good way.

I don't care about eyeliner brands at all. I always get pencil because I'm not talented enough for gel or liquid. I own it, but never use it.

Any bronzer works for me! Usually the darker the better, to show up on my already tan-ish skin tone.

My fancy face.
Repeat steps 1-2.
3. Mac concealer under eyes and on zits.
4. Mac foundation with my nice brushes.
5. Bronzer.
6. Mac blush.
7. Lancome mascara.
8. Eyeliner. I get crazy with my fancy self and go from brown liner to black. Lol. I'm wild, I know.
9. Eyeshadow. I never wear eyeshadow, so you know it's a special occasion when I put color on my lids. But when I do, it's preeeetty basic still! I go with darker neutrals, or grey. I like grey, with black liner, for a smokey look that's not too overboard.
10. Lipgloss. My favorites are bebe glosses, or Mac. I always do pale pinks, nudes. I hardly wear lipstick but when I do it's a bold red, or a bright pink for fun. I also collect a lot of neutral lip colors, in case I want more color than a gloss gives. I am obsessed with the discontinued Very Sexy lipsticks from Victoria's Secret. I knew they were being discontinued and stocked up before they were all gone.

I swear by the Studio Sculpt. It's just perfect coverage without feeling too heavy. The only stuff I've used for the past 6 years!

This is the BEST mascara, but it's spendy, so I'm not a mascara snob. I also work a few other brands.

This Mac mascara is also amazing. It is the "Extended Play" and it really does extend your lashes. I have no lashes so they make them as long as they can appear.

Benefit's "They're Real." See a theme? I need a lot of help in the lash department, lol.

 A little obsessed with experimenting with mascaras.

My Mac eyeshadows that have never even been opened, lol. Shows you how much I break out color on my lids!

My lip color palette. Not very adventurous, lol.

Very Sexy lipsticks.

My nightly.
1. Use Lancome eye makeup remover.
2. Wash with Neutrogena. Sometimes exfoliate if I have face makeup on that day.
3. Lotionize with Aveeno.
4. Sometimes use eye cream at night. Should get better about this.

It's not super oily, but it is potent enough to only use a tiny bit a night. Lancome, I swear has the best eye makeup and eye care.

1. Exfoliate with loofah sponge and Dove.
2. Shave.
3. Jergens Natural Glow - my die hard lotion. I have been using this for years, and religiously. It keeps me tan all year long and looks natural.

1. I use any shampoo. I know this is horrid and if my hairdresser and friend Gia was reading this right now I think she would murder me. I'm just not into spending tons of money on hair products. Maybe this would be different if I had higher maintenance hair, but I hardly ever color my hair. I maybe get it colored once a year. And even then I make sure to get colors placed so that they look alright when being grown out because I KNOW that I won't make it back in any time soon. So anyways I use my generic shampoo and conditioner. Whatever's on sale and aroma I'm feeling at the time.
2. I never condition the top of my head. Only the bottoms.
3. I towel dry, then air dry. I never blow dry. I actually almost never use any heat on my hair whatsoever. The rare occasion I will curl my hair, but that's it. My hair is naturally pin straight so I don't ever straighten it, and I never have to blow it out either because it's so, so thick.
4. I also never use hair products. Maybe that's part of why my hair looks healthy, because it relatively is. I never use anything like gel, mousse, oils, hair spray, etc. I occasionally use dry shampoo but that's

My current favorite shampoo! It smells just like Aveda without the cost!

Thank God for whoever created dry shampoo.

So basic it hurts, lol. If it's not broke don't fix it right?!

Thanks Andrea for the fun link up!!

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