July 8, 2015

Here's to America! Happy 4th!!

We had a great 4th of July this year! It was super, super low key, but it was really nice. Usually each year we go up north to Joey's mom's cabin but this year we opted to stay home and have a staycation. No matter how much I LOVE the outdoors, the lake, jet-skiing, and all that comes with cabin life -- it's just not as relaxing as being home anymore. In order to get up north, we have to plan our trip around the kid's sleep schedules, pack half our lives (clothes, diapers, wipes, kids toys, DVDs, snacks, pack and play, high chair, special blankies, sunhats, sunscreen, etc. etc.), be in the car almost for 3 hours (twice!), all to just spend two days there. Not to mention once we are there, the kids don't exactly sleep well out of their norm. We just decided it would be easier to stay home this holiday.

In one of her 4th swimsuits, hehe. It was Noelle's, and it was super cute on her too! I love this suit. It's from Gap. I hate knowing this is my last girl and I won't have another sweetie pie to put this on! :'(

At North St. Paul.

Originally I thought I'd throw a 4th party since we were going to be home, but the holiday crept up on me SO fast that I didn't even have time to send out an invite, or plan, or clean! We decided that was okay as well, because we really just wanted to RELAX!! The Friday before the 4th, Joey and I both had off work so we took the girls to North St. Paul to their weekly car show downtown. It was fun - the streets were filled with vendors (think State Fair food - cheese curds, mini donuts, corndogs, etc.), old fashioned cars and hot rods, a live band, and a few things for the kiddos. It was rather chill, and we got to see grandpa Joe.

Watching the band. They looked SO unamused. I figured Noelle didn't like the classic rock music and asked her if we should keep on walking. She said, "No. I want to stay right here. I like this." Um. Ok! Haha.

Beating the heat with another 4th of July swimsuit!

 Relaxing with my loves Saturday morning.

Noelle and I made some 4th of July cupcakes and a little cake too. It wasn't impressive, but it filled our need to bake something for the holiday. Haha.

Not cute, but it tasted good! That's all that matters right? Haha.

Happy 4th of July! Yay America!! The Land of the Free!

My lovies playing the drums!

Daddy teaching Halle a thing or two.

"I'm a pro now."
My American Sweetheart.

4th Selfie!

The girls had to parade around the neighborhood in their patriotic wear, haha.

 Tyler and Noelle.

Later on that Saturday we had a last minute 4th get together at our house. Our friends Courtney, her son Tyler, my friend Annie, and Gaotah came over to grill for dinner. Joey's brother Cory, Susan, and the girls (Ellie and Ava) ended up stopping by too! It was unplanned but ended up being super fun. We just grilled, hung out on the patio, had some beers, and lit some fireworks and sparklers in the backyard for the kids.

 Tyler being super helpful, feeding Halle!

Overall it was a low key holiday weekend for us this year, and it was really nice. The weather was gorgeous, and we got to just spend time with each other as a small intimate family. It was great! Hope everyone else had a nice 4th of July weekend as well! :)

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