July 20, 2015

Grandma & Grandpa's MN Visit!

Finally able to post some of the pictures from my parents trip here a few weekends ago! It was so awesome having them here, and we already miss them so much. We are hoping to see them again soon over winter, and then for sure next summer! I'm hoping we will make it there for a nice family trip! Here's a complete jumble of pictures from their weekend here!

The cutest picture of my girls with my parents!

An embarrsaing picture my mom took of us riding the motorized cow at the mall. LOL

Yeah, we took Halle too. Haha.

Grandpa and Halle!

Grandpa with his girlie! Noelle loved having my dad with us so much. She cried and pouted when he sat next to Halle in the car and not her!

Fell asleep going on a walk with grandpa! 

Nightly walk with the grandparents.

Train ride!




A picture my parents took of us on the ride that THEY should have been on, not us, haha.

The girls love their grandpa!

Thank you mom and dad for coming and being the greatest grandparents my girls could ask for!!

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