July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Mid Summer Fun!

This week's favorites link up with the girlies, AndreaNarci, and Erika!

This weeks FAVES!! 

1. Sunday Night Date with Miss Noelle and Miss Myla!
Sunday night Joey and Halle went swimming at his sister Staci's house, so Noelle and I were on our own! I wanted to run to Target and Noelle asked for Myla to come along! She we had a little girls date to Target Cafe (super fancy, I know) and I got the girls some My Little Pony blind bags! Noelle is a huge fan of Disney Collector (DCC) on youtube, and she is always opening up things like that. The girls had a fun night, and it was fun to be with just them!

Pony obsession.

Silly faces!



Patty cake with Myla!

Opening up their blind bags!


Having so much fun with Ellie!

Halle and Ellie! Two of my favorite girls in the world!


The hair! Omg...

2. Monday's Impromptu Cousin Day!
On Monday we happened to be in Maple Grove shopping and ended up stopping at my sister in law Heather's house. Noelle played with her cousin Vivi who she adores, and we ended up taking Vivi for the day. We didn't know it but cousins Gracie and Ellie were already together, so we all met up for lunch! Afterwards, Joey and I were lucky enough to have the rest of the night off because Gracie and Ellie took all the girls (Vivs, Noelle, Halle) to the park, Dairy Queen, and then fed them dinner AND gave them baths! It was a fun cousin day, and the big girls LOVED taking care of the little ones. It was sweet. It's also fun now that the older girls are old enough to babysit! (Gracie's 15 now, and Ellie is 13.) It's crazy since I can still remember them when Ellie was 2.5 years old sleeping over at our house, and Gracie being only 4 years old and climbing up me. How time flies!

Noelle, Gracie, and Vivi!


My girls! Just missing Ava!

Craziness with Vivs.

All tuckered out!

3. Noelle & Emma Day!
On Wednesday Noelle's friend from dance Emma came over for the WHOLE day. The girls love each other and had tons of fun doing pretty much everything. Dancing, singing, playing princess, playing ponies, playing fairies, playing Little People, dressing up, watching movies, swimming in the pool....you get it. They. Did. Everything. They are only a couple weeks apart and they have SO much in common. It's fun to listen to them talk!

Getting crazy with Emma.

4. Noelle's dancing.
I got a few gems from this week - lol. Where does she come up with this stuff? These moves are priceless.

The "powerful" dance. LOL. She calls it her "Superhero" dance. So cray.

My Little Pony dance.

Freezies. DIY waterpark in the backyard. Swimsuits. Tan skin. Parks. Bike rides. Picnics. Anything that calls summer to mind to you...we did it this week.


 Goofing with Addie!

We LOVE chalk!

My DIY waterpark, lol. If you can't go to the waterpark, you need to bring it to you! Water table + pool + second pool + baby tub = lots of fun for all the kiddos!


 Halle thinks shes a big girl, lol.

Picnics outside!

6. All things HALLE!
Little missy had a busy week! She broke 3 teeth this week!! 3!! She has a total of 4, so getting 3 just this week alone was huge! She also started saying "ama" for grandma, and ball!

When your swim diaper is bigger than your swim bottoms. #babyproblems

Ready to explore!

Smile!! It's FriYAY!!
Have a good one everyone!!


  1. Looks like so much fun :) Love it
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  2. What fun! Your girls are growing up social butterflies! And the videos/pics of Myla and Noelle make me happy. It was nice hanging out this morning! Have a great weekend. XO!

  3. Looks like such a fun and girly week! I especially love the mermaid dress. Have a good weekend!


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