July 8, 2015

A Little Life Lately

I haven't posted since my parents were in town, so it's about time to play a little catch up! First off, my parents trip here was great! The girls and my parents bonded all weekend and had a great time together.  Noelle was all over my parents and even cried when my dad sat next to Halle in the car. The girls and I spent the whole weekend with my parents, and we did a slew of things together! There were trips to the mall, lots of going out to eat, family meals at home, naps, lots of dance shows by Noelle, and of course playing and snuggling!

My parents and the girls shortly after we picked them up from the airport! We had to make a quick stop at Target because grandma and grandpa wanted to let the girls pick out some gifts! Fruit pouches for Halle, and a stuffed Pinkie Pie for Noelle!

Going out for a walk!


Walks became a nightly thing for my parents and the girls! Here is Noelle one night - she fell asleep on the bike! LOL!

We went out to eat with my parents a few times and one of the times was to iPho - my favorite Vietnamese restaurant! It used to be called Saigon when my parents lived here 11 years ago, and it was their favorite too. We went there, and Halle LOVED it. It was her first time eating Vietnamese food and she devoured it all!

My mom playing ponies with the girls!

Riding the train with grandpa and grandma!

It was sad to have my parents leave, but it was so great to have them here, even if it was only for a short visit. I'm waiting rather impatiently for my mom to finally post and/or send me pictures from the trip so I can post them!! I only took a few pictures while they were here because my mom took so many!

After Noelle and I dropped off my parents at the airport when they were returning home, we visited MOA since we never get out there anymore, and the airport is right next to it. We had no idea that Dora was going to be there, alas she was, and Noelle got to meet her. :) Poor Baby Halle would have been so psyched! We sent pictures to daddy/Halle, and I guess Baby Halle was laughing and smiling like crazy when she saw the pictures.


I so wish I could be taken out of this picture. Ugh. It would have been so cute otherwise! Lol. Noelle would NOT take the picture without me. Grrr.

Since my parents visit, we have kept busy with lots of play dates, family dates, and time spent outside soaking up as much sun and heat as we can! Summer has been wonderful so far!

Halle LOVES chalk now. Basically she just likes to do whatever her sister is doing. 

Noelle being adorbs.

And Halle being adorbs as well.

My loves!

So much fro-yo. Usually I get Halle vanilla or strawberry, which is boring, but I figure is "healthier." We gave her chocolate for the first time - um, yes. Winner, winner, chocolate fro-yo after dinner!

Halle tired as ever, playing iPad on her new Dora chair that she had to have. We saw it at the store, and she sat on it and wouldn't get off of it, so I had to purchase it in order to get out of the store without a meltdown.

 I've been going to bed way later than the rest of my family lately, and one night I came to bed to find this. I guess daddy can't say no!

Have you ever seen so many stuffed animals in one child's bed before?! Ugh! This was after I confiscated the more unpopular ones! We have a HUGE basket downstairs now overflowing with stuffed animals that Noelle cannot part with. I donated tons of them, and we still have the basket, plus the ones in her bedroom! This girl would rather have a stuffed animal then a toy!

I call these Halle's salsa pants. This picture is really of nothing. I just love those pants, lol.

All the ladies in the mall were dying over her pants. 

I cannot handle that she dresses herself now. It bothers me because she puts together bogus outfits, but whatever. Lol.

My little harajuku girl!

Here Halle is channeling her inner Matthew McConaughy. Peace out dude, I'm just gunna grab my boogie board and hit some waves.

Daddy grabbed a snapshot of the girls and I reading in bed together. We have gotten into this thing where the girls wear matching jammies. We have a bunch of them now, and it's so, so cute. Here they are in their matching blue and white polka dot nightgowns!

Noelle ran into Myla at the mall when she was with my parents! My mom asked her who her friend was, and she kept saying, "That's my best friend! Myla! She's my best friend."

Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful past couple weeks! Happy to be blogging again!

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