June 30, 2015

Sisters: An Unbreakable Bond

I love my two baby girls so, so much. They are my everything. Seriously, my whole life. And while I love them so much as two (very different) individuals, I also love what they are to each other; Sisters and forever friends. They have been so sweet together lately. Now that Halle is getting to be older, more interactive, able to walk/run, and actually PLAY, Noelle's love for her sister has grown immensely. She loves being with Halle now, and thinks Halle is not only funny, but fun to be with. They are always making each other laugh, and giggle together all the time. I love them so much!

They are sharing a room now and every night they will giggle and play peek a boo with each other over the side of Halle's crib until they fall asleep. They also like to sit and read books together. Noelle will also show Halle how to play games on the iPad. Noelle also plays MagiClips with Halle. They will sit together for long periods of time and not need any assistance from us! It's awesome. Noelle shows Halle how to remove and dress the dolls and Halle will try to mimic Noelle. Halle basically just tries to do everything that Noelle does, and Noelle is totally on board with that, lol. You can tell that Halle worships her big sister, and I love that you can tell that Noelle adores and is protective of her little sister

Usually when Noelle wakes up now, her first question will be "Where is Halle?" Noelle is super protective of her sister as well, and will say things to other people like, "Don't do that to my Baby Halle!," "Baby Halle is my sister. Not your sister. She is my sister." She also tattles and will always report when someone is doing anything to Halle, and will speak for Halle, like "Baby Halle doesn't like that mom. Make ____ stop. Halle doesn't want that." She will also ask Halle to do things with her, and often will take Halle's hand and try to make Halle participate with her. The cutest is whenever I take all the daycare kids on stroller rides because Noelle ALWAYS asks to sit next to Halle. She always says, "I want to sit by my sister!!!" They also like to chase each other up and down the halls and laugh. They enjoy wrestling as well, and also combing each other's hair!! Haha. I can only imagine how much closer they will be when they are older, and when Halle can talk! I can't even imagine the cute conversations I'll get to hear!

Gosh. They are adorable. And I'll never tire of hearing Noelle say "Baby Howie." LOL

Just for fun, and for my documenting purposes (hah I'm cray), I want to jot down a few comparisons of the twos personalities/traits. Before I know it, they will be even older, and I won't remember!

Quiet. Shy. Reserved.
Does not like to be touched.
Doesn't eat much variety. Will not try new things. Very picky.
Straight hair. Only needs to be washed a couple times a week because it's thin and non-oily.
Very, very clean. Hates getting dirty.
Looks more like mom. (More Asian.)
Long and lean.
Likes to stay at home. Major homebody.
Stays close to mom and dad when in public. Seems very cautious.

Loud. Adventurous.
Loves to cuddle and give hugs.
Eats everything under the moon. However, does not like milk.
Curly hair. Needs to be washed every day.
Very, very messy! Gets into a mess every day.
Looks more like dad. (More White.)
Shorter and chubbier.
Likes to go out! Gets super excited when we are leaving the house.
A runner. As no fear, and runs away from us constantly in public.

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