June 2, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays: When I Grow Up

Today Andrea wants to know, what we wanted to be "When I Grow Up!"

There were a few things that I really wanted to be when I "grew up" but always, always, always, I said I wanted to be a mom. I think when asked that question as a child, I always answered "a mommy" because I wanted to be like my mom. My mom stayed home with us throughout almost all of my childhood, and I remembered running errands with her, cooking with her, playing at home, and playing in the yard while she gardened. I never went to daycare as a child, and neither did my brothers, so I guess I didn't know any different than being with my mom. Because of that, I also wanted to be a mom. I just wanted to have kids and be with them!

My mama and I!

I remember vividly being in high school and hanging out with a few friends one night when we talked about our life dreams and goals. Some of my friends wanted to travel, some wanted to become super successful, some wanted wealth, etc. I was the only one who said all I really wanted were kids! I just wanted to be a mom! This never left me.

Along the way there were other things I wanted to become "when I grew up." I wanted to be a teacher when I was young. Then when I got a bit older (junior high years) I thought I knew everything (right, didn't we all at that age) and said "teacher's don't make enough money," changed my mind to fashion designer (hah!) and wanted to design gowns, do fashion shows, and go to New York! Even as a 7th or 8th grader I was looking into going to Stout University to pursue a fashion degree. This was a short lived dream when I realized how competitive the field would be. I changed my mind to interior designer. Seemed much more manageable, lol. I took a few of those classes in high school and even did an internship at an interior design company, and while it was fun, I didn't think that was for me either. Finally college came. I did a year of generals and I took a slew of electives, including nursing, interior design (just in case) and a couple basic business classes. I ended up taking a semester off because I HAD NO IDEA what I was pursuing!

At my college graduation with my parents. 

Graduated in the top 10% of my class with honors!

I ended up returning and deciding on "Business Management." It was general and I knew I could utilize this degree any way I wanted. At the time I was still really interested in fashion and wanted to be in the retail industry. I also had leadership skills and loved the challenge of management. I ended up graduating with that degree, and ended up with a sales management position for bebe. I did this before managing another high end retail boutique out of Minneapolis and Wayzata. I also dabbled in some modeling and was part of an agency for a short period while I was managing retail. (I joined after someone came into bebe and asked me if I modeled, in which I said "no,"only to start that a week later!)

Here I am with my top stylist (aka top seller) and one of my good friends, Vonta. Being a manager at bebe will always remain in my heart, even if the retail industry doesn't, because I met SO many of my now close friends from working there! (Here we are obvi wearing bebe.)

Modeling for a couture brand.

One of my favorite screen shots. 

After this, I became a banker (yeah, quite a different path) because I was offered good money and much more desirable benefits. At the point I was ready to step away from retail. Indeed this was a good position for me because I was good at selling the brand's products, and did well with my clients. I was ranking well (consistently top of my bank) and achieving my numbers, but I HATED IT. I was totally over business corporations and missed what I loved the most - kids. I nannied all throughout college, and I missed it a lot. Joey and I had also been married for a couple years, and I knew I wanted a job that would be family friendly since we wanted to start having kids.

With some of my banking family. Some of these long days in downtown Minneapolis were my favorite. Again, just like with my previous jobs, I made many, good, good friends.

By leap of faith, I quit my job as a banker, started nannying again, and went back to school to get my teaching license to become a K-6 teacher. (Take that my 6th grade self!)  I ended up at Saint Mary's (which I LOVE) because they offered a program that would be shorter than pursing another bachelor's, and it would also count towards a Masters degree in Education. I knew this was the right choice as soon as I quit that desk job. I knew although I was good in business and retail positions, my heart belonged with children. As soon as I started taking my Saint Mary's classes, I was in love. I know that I want to make a difference in children's lives, teach, and be with kids basically for the rest of my life, lol.

Oh, just about 8 months pregnant with baby #1 while in class. I LOVE my Saint Mary's crew!!! Love!! Some of my favorite people ever!!

So right now, in all my "grown up" glory, I am pursing my teaching license and degree (I'm currently in my LAST class - only took me 5 years to finsih the 2 year program LOL), and currently a stay at home mom who watches a couple other sweethearts at home! Living the dream you guys, living the dream. :)

Being a mama. The best job I have ever had.

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  1. Your girls are precious! Good luck finishing up the rest of school!


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