June 12, 2015

Recent Nommy Life

Daycare life has been hectic!!! But wonderful! The girls are so cute, sweet, and it's wonderful for them to make friendships that will last forever. My little nanny girl, Anya, is now Noelle's friend, and they are like family to us. The boys that I nannied, Evan and Amery, are practically Noelle and Halle's cousins and each time they spend time together it's like no time has passed. We are hoping for the same with Ella, Aubrey, and Addie. Here are some recent pictures!

Babies Ella and Halle looking so cute!!!

Tea for two!

Library field trips almost every Friday!

Lots of outside pool and water table fun!

These two crack me up. Noelle comes up with tons of crazy imaginative play, like here they are "magical swimming fairies with wands that give them super powers." 


I feel like it's my life mission to try to get good group shots! Haha. Here is a day where I was trying my ALL to get a good picture! 

Joey was jumping around in the background, making a fool out of himself to get the girls to laugh.

One sass pants is a lot. Sooo, two sass pants is craaaazy. Lol.

This was great. The other day we went on a walk and ran across a group of cute little boys (probably 5-6 years old) and they were selling tadpoles that they caught in the pond. They told us that they charge .20 cents per tadpole, but JUST FOR US, we could have them for FREE. Haha. They gave each girl a tadpole, so 5 in all, and told us to feed them hard boiled eggs. The girls were entranced. They asked me all day to boil eggs, haha. The best thing? When the boys said, "Hope we see you again!" and "We'll be here tomorrow!"

Handprint (and footprint by Aubrey) peacocks, when we had animal week!

Lunch time madness.

I have some divas on my hands.

Another craft we did for animal week!

I'll post more soon from our sport week! :)

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