June 1, 2015

Noelle's First Recital!

My sweetie has now completed her first dance recital!! We are so proud! She did awesome. She was smiling from ear to ear, sang along to the songs loud and clear, and did her dances as well as she could! Joey was so nervous beforehand that he was drinking! LOL. Noelle really did great though. She was excited and had no problems with drop off this time! It also helped that Grandpa was backstage and was with her most of the time! Also it was fun for her because she got oodles of "first recital" gifts, like a huge stuffed bear wearing a tutu from Shel, a bag full of Frozen goodies from Ellie and Ava, and a ballerina book from Vivi. She was beyond psyched.

Practicing before the show! 

I totally taped her classes and then put them on DVD, lol. Total dance mom move.

Getting all dolled up and ready to go!

With cousin Alyssa before the show!

It was such a fun show because there were SO many people to watch! We had our nieces Ellie, Ava, Vivi, our nephew Austin, our friend's kids (so many dance at Larkin) plus all the kids we have gotten to know from being at the studio. It was seriously so amazing to see them put on such an amazing show. We were also so fortunate to have so many come support Noelle. My best friend Gaotah and her boyfriend Jay came, Riley one of our babysitters was there, Grandma Sue came, and also cousin Gracie! Not to mention our family that was already there (The Wagners, The Prokops, Grandpa Joe, Shel, Molly, etc.)

She repeatedly told us that people get flowers (roses, actually) after their recital, so Joey and I got her a small bouquet, which she LOVED. She told me today that her flowers are beautiful, and that's all she wanted for dancing. Hahaha.

We are so proud of our little dancer!

Apparently between her two numbers she was free styling and dancing to all the numbers backstage with her friends, haha.

With cousin Vivi after the show. She was veeeerrry tired. We didn't get out of the recital until 10pm!

We can't wait for next week when we can pick up her dance pictures, and order some copies of the recital on dvd! Hopefully there will be many more shows after this one!

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