June 12, 2015

Keep Calm & Point Your Toes

Yes! Dance pictures are in!!! And we love them!

Noelle's ballet class! (She's the 3rd from our right.)

Her tap class! She's in the middle there by her friend Oliver.

We always order one blanket a year. I picked ballet because I loved this outfit! Lol. Noelle LOVES it. She has been sleeping with it every single night and showing it to everyone!

Her tap photo!!

Ballerina!! <3 <3 <3

We are also so excited because she started summer dance this week!! It's two weeks of dance camp, and then another ballet camp in July, and another two weeks of classes in August! Noelle is loving it. Ever since her recital, she has been asking if she has dance every single day, and she actually gets super excited to go to class now. She has no more issues of getting dressed to go, loves her leotards (never did before) and wants to practice all the time! She constantly plays "Recital" and makes a stage out of everything (couches, rugs, her bed). 


So excited for more dance!!

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