June 22, 2015

Halle Sunshine:The 14-15 Month Catchup

I'm a terrible mother. With Noelle I was on top of it and updated on her each growing month. Halle? Not so much. She's totally on the second child plan. Her baby book is getting a little bit overlooked and I am a couple months behind on her update. :( Poor baby!! I am finally getting around to it (at 4 in the morning nonetheless). It's been such a busy couple of months for our little booger, and I'm going to try to remember each little detail before it escapes my mind completely!


New things Halle can do:
  • Walk!! Finally at about 14.5 months she started taking her first steps. Now she is zooming around all over the place. She keeps getting faster and faster! 
  • She knows a lot of concepts now. She mimics Noelle and the other daycare kids, and gets how to color and play now. She loves playing with Noelle's dollhouses and MagiClip princesses.
  • She still only says mama and dada, but she says it much more frequently now and clearly says it when she's asking for something, looking for us, or wanting our attention. It's cute!
  • She loves to high five people.
  • I don't know if this is entirely new but she can nod and shake her head in the right context.


Current loves:
  • She loves to play with water! She's always dumping water with her cups.
  • Halle loves MagiClip dolls. She likes to remove them out of their dresses, but then demands me to put them back together so that she can do it over again and again.
  • Just like Noelle, she LOVES Little People! They are just the perfect size for her little hands and fingers!
  • Books! We read soooo many books each night. She wants more, more, more.
  • Bubble Guppies, Dora, and Paw Patrol. We feel bad that she watches so much TV (Noelle never watched this much at this age), but it's hard when you have an older child! So basically she watches what Noelle watches, but she highly prefers these three shows! She LOVES Dora. It's basically her third word (Duh Duh) after mama and dada. 
  • Music. She is fascinated when music is on!
  • Her blankies! She has two favorites, her pink damask blanket and a colorful floral one. She carries them around everywhere and needs them to sleep.
  • Halle loves headbands. It's so funny!! While I couldn't keep one on Noelle's head at this age, Halle WANTS to wear them! She will pick out one from the headband box and give it to me to put on her head. And she keeps it on, all day!
  • She also LOVES the baby I take care of, Aubrey. She just adores her, it's so cute.

Favorite books:
Wheels on the Bus. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. All her "This is not my..." touchy feely books. You are my Sunshine. Dora Look and Seek.


New dislikes:
  • Being away from mom and dad. This one is sad. She has major separation anxiety all of a sudden. "Happy Halle" is no more! She gets pretty upset when separated from us. I felt so bad yesterday when I found out she was fussy and crying in the church nursery, and the ladies working in there were trying to contact me during the service! Break my heart!
  • Getting her hair washed and hands/face wiped is a huge dislike. 
  • Getting help. She wants to do everything all by herself.

Eeek -- there are no new words. Unless you count, Duh Duh (Dora), which I do. Lol. I feel bad because Noelle knew a whole slew of words, but I know that I can't compare them. Each child is different. Noelle walked sooner, got teeth sooner, and talked sooner, so that's just her! I don't want to forget that she points to everything and goes "Eh?" I hear this noise all day, lol. She also has made up her own sign language or something. It's HILARIOUS. Joey and I just about laugh until we cry, but she ALWAYS holds up her left arm, with her right hand on her left elbow. What is she doing?? We have no idea, but we know she's trying to communicate something to us because she does it repeatedly while going "eh! eh! eh!"


This kid is as healthy as a horse. She has never gotten sick (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!) Never anything! The only thing she has is very bad cradle cap. Noelle had cradle cap too, but not like Halle's. Noelle's went away on it's own too, and wasn't severe. Halle's is all over her head, and it's brown scales! It's so icky! I feel so bad for her! I know it doesn't bother her at all, but it bothers me! I was finding myself sitting there scratching her head and peeling the scales (and chunks of hair) out all the time. I finally had to coat her head in olive oil, and scrape the stuff off in the tub with a fine tooth comb. I had tried combing it out before, and although that does work, the oil helped a little bit more. Not enough though. I thought the olive oil was going to do wonders, but it didn't. Halle still has tons of it. Ish!! I'm just hoping it gets better over time.

Favorite foods:
Hummus, crackers, pancakes, beefaroni, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, corn dogs, condiments (seriously this kid is a dipper, she wants to dip EVERYTHING in ketchup, it's so gross), apple juice, bagels with cream cheese, chicken, etc. I don't even know why I'm listing her favorite foods...it will be a very long list. She loves everything! Girl loves to eat!


Size 4 diapers.
Size 3.5-4 shoes.
Clothes 12-24 months.
1 tooth.
(I have to get her weight and height.)


  • Finally, she sleeps ALONE and *almost* through the night! It has literally changed our lives. At 15 months (like 2 weeks ago), Joey and I made the decision to finally put the girls in the same bedroom. We were dreading it because Halle wakes up so much at night, so we assumed she would be waking up Noelle at night. Which she did for the first couple nights. It was hard for a couple days, but then voila! For the most part, she sleeps through the night. She might wake up crying once or twice, but it's brief and she falls back asleep! We think it makes a huge difference that she is out of our room and can't see us! 
  • She's still taking a brief nap in the morning (1-2) hours and then one after lunch (1-2 hours). She gets about roughly 10 hours at night. 

Personality traits:
So funny because her traits line up with Noelle's exactly at this age! I'd have to say she is awfully needy, whiny, but stinkin cute, and funny! She makes us laugh so much!!



We love you sooooo much our little sunshine!!!!!!! You make our life complete!!


Some videos from Halle's last few months:

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