June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites: Random Roundup!

Sometimes I can come up with some clever way to round up my week. Not this week. This is all. Just. Random. So, so random. Pretty much sums it all up. Enjoy the chaos that is my life. (Linking up with some fave ladies, Andrea, Narci, and Erika! Thanks ladies! You give me more reason to blog!)

1. Playdates
Let's be honest, no matter how much you love your kids sometimes you just need to get stuff done. As much as you would love to sit and play My Little Pony all day long, sometimes those dishes need to be done. Or the clothes need to be put away. Noelle, like every other 3 year old wants me to play, read, and color with her ALLLLL day. Now that she's getting a little bit older, my favorite thing ever is PLAYDATES!! Yes, we've always had them, but at age 3 playdates take on a whole new meaning. It's not two moms finding an excuse to hang out while their babies kind of play together, and kind of hang all over your lap. Noelle is old enough that when a friend comes over, they run off to her room, slam the door, and play make believe for long periods of time. They no longer need me! They can entertain themselves and it is WONDERFUL. Also, Noelle is old enough to go on playdates ALONE! She can go to a friends house for the day, and it just makes everyone happy. I love, love, LOVE this new world we've entered. I bring it up because this week she went on a playdate to her friend Emma's house for the WHOLE day. It was such a delight for me! She also went out with my friend Gaotah for a special lunch date all by herself! Last Friday she also went with Myla to Afton Farms to pick strawberries and feed the animals! Love.

With her bestie munching on some strawberry donuts! Go on over to Hilary's page to see all the ADORABLE pictures and vids! Beyond blessed for you guys Hil!

One day when Emma came over to our house to play! These two are two peas from the same pod. I love their friendship. I actually used to work with Emma's dad, Cal. He and I worked together over 6 years ago and then coincidently the girls were in the same dance class for the school year!! Totally unplanned, and just wonderful! Our girls are the same age, have similar personalities, and both love dance! We are hoping for a lasting friendship!

Emma, Noelle, and Addie playing.

Hunting for frogs they said.

When Noelle went over to Emma's house!

On the way to dance camp!

2. Ice cream. 
Just ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Because ice cream.


3. iPad
Thank you iPad for entertaining both my children. Halle is starting to use the iPad with some little Fisher Price apps, and it's so funny and cute how much she loves it!



4. Noelle's imagination.
I love this kid. She says the craziest things, and makes up elaborate stories, and is just awesome. She runs around singing songs like, "I am a princess! Princess Sprinkle! I live in the clouds! Here is my cup of glitter!" She also plays with her Little Ponies and makes up new names for them like, "Sunshine Daze, Flowery, Magic Pea, Lovely Rosie, etc." She's creative, imaginative, and oh so girly. I love it so much.

Here she is playing salon with our (stuffed) dog Truman. She even has a cape on him to protect his fur. LOL. She says to me, "Oh doesn't Truman look lovely?? He just needs a little pink on his cheeks."

5. What They Wore
Oh man. You know the "What I Wore" segments, when ladies who dress cute showcase their outfits? (Never me, because I wear yoga pants on rotation.) I should make a segment for what my kids worse. Because they are ridic. Noelle refuses to let me dress her now, and she creates all her own outfits, and sometimes picks out Halle's clothes too. Sometimes it is the only way I can get anyone dressed and out of the house so I let it go. These outfits make me go WHHAAAT? But you gotta pick your battles.

Green hair clip. Peplum shirt. Too large pony pants. Tinkerbell shoes. This outfit just hurts my soul. But whatever. 

This one is just funny. LOL.

What. You don't wear your night gown with your Sperry boat shoes to Target? Ugh.

6. Swimsuits.

I have, like, 3 swimsuits. My girls have 37. Yes. 37. I counted because I had to know how bad the problem was. 

Hope everyone has the best FRIYAY!!! I know I will!! XOXOXO!!! Can't wait to post more soon, I have lots to share!! :)

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