June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites: Family & Friends

Thank you Erika, Narci, and Andrea for hosting!

This last week was chalk full of FAMILY and FRIENDS!! I am exhausted party people! After spending lots of (fun) time with family, friends, and the daycare kids during the week - I am just tired today! So happy that it's FriYAY and so excited for the weekend to relax, rejuvenate, and nap - let's be honest, lots and lots of napping. Ready for a crazy picture dump? Here goes! (Stay tuned for more detailed posts coming up because there are just SO many pictures that I need to divvy up the cray cray.)

1. Family date @ Mesiter's
We started off the weekend last week with a bang on Saturday. We went out to Meister's with the whole fam bam for burgers at Meister's, ice cream at Raz's, watched a band perform outside on the patio, and strolled through the car show with grandpa.

Cousin Ava and Noelle goofing off before dinner!

Hey, I can stick my tongue out too!

Noelle and Grandpa having a moment. :)

Halle and Uncle Nik!

 Yes, I do love cookies!

Grandma Libby turned another milestone birthday so we all celebrated with more family time at Staci's house on Sunday. It was sweltering hot, so it was a perfect day to break in the pool! Summer is so official when the pool is open! It was super nice because we got to spend time with family that we don't see all the time, like cousin Harrison and Vincent. Noelle and Harrison spent so much time together their first year of life that it's sad that they don't see each other more often. Hopefully now that the Herrera's have moved into the neighborhood (!!!) we will see each other more often!

Water table fun.

Fam bam.

Ava and Noelle, reunited again!

To see more gazillion pictures of the party, click here!

I like cake.

3. Myla's 3rd Birthday
We all attended Myla's 3rd birthday party, where Noelle got to celebrate with her bestie. She absolutely adores Myla, and wonderfully the feeling is mutual! As soon as we got there Myla ran to give Noelle multiple hugs and showed Noelle her party. Noelle told me later her favorite things from the party were Carrot (the bunny), and the candy. Of course. Lol. Check out more of Myla's adorable party here - Hilary did such a great job! Way to go mama!

Noelle before the party! It was "Under the Sea" themed, so we had to get this shirt for the party! It matched perfectly. :)

I'm ready to party!

Hilary did a great job! It was so cute and Noelle had a great time! It was so funny because on the pull pinata, Noelle got the winning string. She was so timid though and couldn't pull on the string hard enough! She got even more shy under pressure, so she surrendered, and let Cecily pull the string instead! 

 Showing off their ring pops! Noelle literally said at home, "Myla is my best friend, mom. I love her so much."

Some cuties if you ask me!

 Halle and Luke are only a month apart, and will be in the same room at church, so hopefully a little friendship blooms here!

4. Unplanned friend's night
On Wednesday, although no picture evidence was taken, Gaotah, Jay, and Annie came over for drinks on the patio and to see the kids. It was nice to get a break and hangout with some of our friends! Especially ones without kids, just to spice things up! Haha.

The girls also had some fun on the deck! 

Who needs clothes when it's this hot out? It's summer! (These pictures remind me of Miley Cyrus' Wreaking Ball, LOL.)

5. Family pizza night
Thursday night The Wagners and Nik came over for Panino's pizza! Grandma Sue and Don stayed home, and we all dined together. Afterwards we all feasted on some Dilly bars from the DQ! 

The girls are so lucky to have such wonderful older cousins that love them so much!

Halle's first Dilly Bar. Needless to say, she loved it. And needed a bath afterwards.

The girls had a great, busy week with water play, walks to the park, and tons of playing. There are SO many pictures, I just can't make you go through that here, lol. If you want to see what we have been up to, click here! Here are a few gems, I can't resist not sharing.

Tea for two? These two are becoming the cutest of itty bitty friends!


Noelle's imagination is out of this world! This is a snap of the girls playing (on the right), as Noelle said "We are magical swimming fairies, and our wands give us super powers! My name is Sunset Queen."

Class photo? Haha.

The girls received tadpoles as gifts from a group of neighborhood boys! LOL! For more on the story behind that, click here for the post. 

Summer girls!

Two fun dance related things this week: 1. Noelle started summer dance! Woot woot! She and her girlfriend Emma have been carpooling and going to dance together all week and are loving it! Noelle comes home and shows me all her new moves that she's learning! She loves doing passe! 2. We received our dance pictures!! Adorable!! See all the pics here.



 FUN week!! But I am EXHAUSTED. So are the girls! Last night Noelle passed out on the couch after dinner, even though family was still over and the TV was blaring! I carried her to bed, and she fell asleep in her clothes until morning!! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday and has a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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  1. So many sweet little faces and love her cookie face- amazing!!


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