June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites: Bathing Beauties!

Ladies and gentlemen, summer is in full force over at the Wagner casa! For this Friday I'm sharing my list of favorite moments from this week - and almost all of them include swim suits!! Loving summer so far.

Linked up with my faves, Andrea, Erika, and Narci.

1. Swimsuits. So. Many. Swimsuits.

Noelle modeling one of her new swimsuits this summer! 

Of course Baby Halle got a matching suit. ;)


Flower child.

Noelle and Addie at their "car wash." (Both wearing Noelle's swimsuits.)

Some bathing beauties. LOL. Check out Noelle's face. She was upset because her fingers were getting dirty. (DIVA.)

2. Matching Sister Outfits from Grandma

I actually don't really care for character clothes but we have a certain grandma over here that is addicted to getting the girls character clothes. Although I'm not a huge fan, the girls are. It makes them SO happy to get clothes with their favorite peeps on them - so I guess that makes it okay. :)


Going for a little stroll.

That's pretty darn cute.

3. Our new water table.

We got a new water table from Target over the weekend and it has been a huge hit all week long!


 4. Splash Pad

We got a little Frozen splash pad from Marshalls way back a few months ago when we spotted it. We finally got to bust it out after it was warm enough. Good thing it was only $7 because it got ripped within an hour of play!! Pretty lame, lol, however while it was working, the girls were OBSESSED. I think if I can find a better quality one, I'll get it because it was so much fun!


5. Sassy Baby Halle

Happy Halle is starting to become a major sassy little girl! I thought she would be a tomboy and be Noelle's opposite but she's showing the same characteristics! Nail polish? Check. Lip gloss? Check. Extravagant hair pieces? Check. 

 Absolutely loving her new Dora microphone!

 6. Family date night to Applebees!


7. Little friendships.



Looking for ants.

8. Fro-yo and ice cream date nights with my girls.






 It's been such a fun week!! Can't wait for the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Love the car wash! So cute :) Found your blog through the link-up!

  2. Love the babies in their bathing suits, so so sweet! and their matching frozen gear :)

    Happy Friday!


  3. They have the cutest swimsuits! The photo progression of Noelle being a 'diva' because of her dirty fingers is PRICELESS. Loved it!


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