June 30, 2015

Sisters: An Unbreakable Bond

I love my two baby girls so, so much. They are my everything. Seriously, my whole life. And while I love them so much as two (very different) individuals, I also love what they are to each other; Sisters and forever friends. They have been so sweet together lately. Now that Halle is getting to be older, more interactive, able to walk/run, and actually PLAY, Noelle's love for her sister has grown immensely. She loves being with Halle now, and thinks Halle is not only funny, but fun to be with. They are always making each other laugh, and giggle together all the time. I love them so much!

They are sharing a room now and every night they will giggle and play peek a boo with each other over the side of Halle's crib until they fall asleep. They also like to sit and read books together. Noelle will also show Halle how to play games on the iPad. Noelle also plays MagiClips with Halle. They will sit together for long periods of time and not need any assistance from us! It's awesome. Noelle shows Halle how to remove and dress the dolls and Halle will try to mimic Noelle. Halle basically just tries to do everything that Noelle does, and Noelle is totally on board with that, lol. You can tell that Halle worships her big sister, and I love that you can tell that Noelle adores and is protective of her little sister

Usually when Noelle wakes up now, her first question will be "Where is Halle?" Noelle is super protective of her sister as well, and will say things to other people like, "Don't do that to my Baby Halle!," "Baby Halle is my sister. Not your sister. She is my sister." She also tattles and will always report when someone is doing anything to Halle, and will speak for Halle, like "Baby Halle doesn't like that mom. Make ____ stop. Halle doesn't want that." She will also ask Halle to do things with her, and often will take Halle's hand and try to make Halle participate with her. The cutest is whenever I take all the daycare kids on stroller rides because Noelle ALWAYS asks to sit next to Halle. She always says, "I want to sit by my sister!!!" They also like to chase each other up and down the halls and laugh. They enjoy wrestling as well, and also combing each other's hair!! Haha. I can only imagine how much closer they will be when they are older, and when Halle can talk! I can't even imagine the cute conversations I'll get to hear!

Gosh. They are adorable. And I'll never tire of hearing Noelle say "Baby Howie." LOL

Just for fun, and for my documenting purposes (hah I'm cray), I want to jot down a few comparisons of the twos personalities/traits. Before I know it, they will be even older, and I won't remember!

Quiet. Shy. Reserved.
Does not like to be touched.
Doesn't eat much variety. Will not try new things. Very picky.
Straight hair. Only needs to be washed a couple times a week because it's thin and non-oily.
Very, very clean. Hates getting dirty.
Looks more like mom. (More Asian.)
Long and lean.
Likes to stay at home. Major homebody.
Stays close to mom and dad when in public. Seems very cautious.

Loud. Adventurous.
Loves to cuddle and give hugs.
Eats everything under the moon. However, does not like milk.
Curly hair. Needs to be washed every day.
Very, very messy! Gets into a mess every day.
Looks more like dad. (More White.)
Shorter and chubbier.
Likes to go out! Gets super excited when we are leaving the house.
A runner. As no fear, and runs away from us constantly in public.

June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesdays: June 2015

Whoa! Way to be behind: I'm posting this a half hour before midnight...but I want to get it in before Wednesday is over, because I think this link up (with MelSheaffer, and Shay) is such a fun way to document what's been going on in our lives in the last month! (I started writing this post on Monday, and then completely forgot about it yesterday AND today, lol.)

Oh and p.s: is it not crazy that it's already the last Wednesday of the month!?! What!? I feel like I JUST posted a What's Up Wednesday post!!

What we're eating this week...Let's just get it out in the open. I'm not much of a cook. At all. I rely heavily on Trader Joe's to make my food, freeze it, bag it, and then sell it to me. Then I heat it up on the stove and call it home cookin' because we didn't get it from a restaurant. Or we hit up our local meat butcher, Von Hanson's and get meat and sides. This little blurb of the post will NEVER be interesting, because I pretty much never cook from scratch. That being said, lol, we are eating tomato basil pork chops (Von Hanson's), Korean Style Short Ribs (these are sooo good on the grill), the white sauce chicken and mushroom thin crust take and bake pizza from Fresh Picked Pizza (our fave pizza), and other TBD (to be determined) meals. Yes. I'm totally a kitchen fail. I was also too lazy to make food on Monday night, so we went out to Smash Burger for burgers, smash fries, and milkshakes! Yummm.

What I'm reminiscing about...Independence Days of the past!! I'm super corny and LOVE the 4th of July! I love celebrating our freedom, summer, and LOVE the outfits. Look at all these past pictures of Noelle's 4th outfits. SO cute. I CANNOT wait for Halle to wear ALL of them next week! Haha.

Noelle, at almost 2 years old. Halle will only be 15 months, but she will fit into these 18-24 month clothes too, lol.

What I'm loving...SUMMER. We are spending almost every day outside as much as possible, and I'm fitting in tons of walks, trips to the park, beach, and bike rides with the girls. I'm soaking up all this time I have with my girls before I have to student teach, and then go back to work full time!


What we've been up to...This month we had lots of birthday parties, family functions, playdates, and Noelle completed her first segment of summer dance! Joey had a good Father's Day too, jamming out with his friends, and spending most of last weekend at Back to the 50s with his brothers and dad.

Celebrating Ava's 10th birthday last Sunday!

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy to our littles! A wonderful example of a hands on, active, present, loving father!!

What I'm dreading...Physics still! This class is sooo hard! I'm just NOT a science person. I'm also starting to prep for all my MTLE tests...which I'm also dreading! I keep on trying to remember that this will all be worth it when I have my own classroom and can have a career that I love!

What I'm working on... the girls room. We officially moved Halle into Noelle's room and now the two are sharing! It's going SUPER well. We totally should have done it sooner! I had no idea that they would sleep so much BETTER together! There's no more Noelle wanting someone to lay with her, since Halle's in there, and there's no more Halle waking up at night looking for us because she knows we aren't in that room! They LOVE sharing and spend a lot of time goofing off before bed and giggling, but always end up sleeping well, and even sleeping in later in the mornings! They also wake each other up in the morning and start the day with giggles. I LOVE that! I always wanted a sister growing up, and always dreamed of sharing a room with one! I'm now working on the room to make it more "their" room instead of Noelle's room. I've added a few "sister" touches, and am keeping the color scheme all pink and gold.

Horrible pictures taken at night. I've since decorated more since these were taken. New pics soon!

In hindsight, I really wish we had gotten a white crib. We got this crib with Noelle, and got this color wood because it 1. matched the wood trim in our last house, and 2. we thought it was more unisex in case we had a boy. 

Because I do daycare, I have a pull out mattress underneath the crib that comes out during nap time and can easily be hidden when not in use!

What I'm excited for...my parents coming! They fly in on Friday morning and will be here until Sunday evening! We are SOOOO excited! We see my parents only 1-2 a year since they are in Texas, so this is huge for us. Especially since they will be coming here as well! We can't wait for them to spend time with the girls in their home, since they will be more comfortable with their surroundings and will show my parents the ropes! :) Noelle is excited and keeps saying "I want them here now!" We also haven't seen my dad since he was recovering from his surgeries for his colon cancer, so this is a very visit!

This was my dad with Halle at 4 months old. That was the last time he saw her in person!!

What I'm watching/reading...So finally I got with the 21st century and watched 50 Shades of Grey. You need to understand that I never see anything. I never watch TV, or see movies. I had however, read the trilogy a few years ago when it came out and was popular. I didn't like them!! I thought the first book was a little exciting but quickly got bored with the repetitiveness, and the weird stuff was just too weird for me. I wasn't amused. Usually when I start something, I have to finish it, so I went on to complete the other 2 books in the series. The second book was awful for me. I basically skimmed it, wondering when something good or meaningful was going to happen. Third book can be summed up with "meh." I didn't love nor hate it. It just was what it was. Then the movie was suppose to come out and again I wasn't thrilled or intrigued, and I wasn't impressed with who they cast either. So no hurry from me to see it. For whatever reason we FINALLY had a night away from our kids and thought we would check out a new movie, and thought we'd give it a chance just to see how it measured up. I went into this with VERY low expectations. I was so surprised that I enjoyed the movie! While parts were downright laughable, for the most part, I thought it was tastefully done for what the content was about, and I didn't hate it! And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I think Jamie Dornan is drop dead handsome!!!

Mr. Grey. Yes, I'll watch your crappy movie, and all the sequels.

As for reading, I never did finish that Love, Rosie. But I plan on it! It's just so hard when there's other things I want to read. For one, my physics book, lol. For two, I'm looking forward to reading my new book I just got last week: "Babyproofing Your Marriage." Joey and I, like any other parents are totally in our kids' world, not ours. We sometimes forget to be a couple, and succumb to being just parents. I want to work on this and this book sounds like something I can relate to. I'm excited to start that this week!

What I'm listening to... Maroon 5. This song is something else, but it's so catchy and totally my summer track! And Adam Levine. Enough said.

What I'm wearing... I'm dressing up old favorites! I've started to bring back a few of my stables from the past and just update them with new pieces, like my denim crop vest, white jeans, etc. I also have been rocking my favorite "American" shorts, which I love. I also added a couple new items this month, like a lace cream romper, and a black jumpsuit, both from my beloved Target.


What I'm doing this weekend...spending time with my parents!!

What I'm looking forward to next month... 4th of July! I'm thinking about hosting a 4th party at our house for friends, especially ones with kids! It's a great chance to hang out with our friends and have all our kids spend time together. Its also a great holiday and weekend to barbecue, break out the cocktails, blast the music, rock our red, white, and blue outfits, and feast on watermelon! It's the ultimate way to celebrate our awesome country, freedom, and SUMMER!!

See you next month!!

June 22, 2015

What 3.5 Looks Like

My sassy threenager.

A few words to describe my 3.5 year old would have to be: sassy, bossy, funny, lovely, beautiful, smart, picky, and imaginative. Noelle has grown beyond my wildest dreams and I love the little person that she is becoming! I figured it was time to update a little bit on her as well, so that I don't forget these precious moments. I still go back on my blog and read posts about her from when she was little, and it's so fun, as well as sweet, and I'm always so happy that I blogged about every milestone, achievement, and new grown personality trait. Here's a look at Noelle at 3.5 years old!

A glance at Noelle physically: Girly is tall! She has long, long skinny chicken legs, small feet, tiny waist, and small frame. She's built just like I was when I was young! No hips, no butt, nothing, lol. Her hair is for sure stick straight as well, no volume. This girl is all me, all the way. She totally got everything from her mama!


A glance at Noelle emotionally/mentally: She's very smart and picks up on things quickly. She is an emotional child, who I think is extra sensitive. She is a thinker, and already thinks too deeply about things, and reacts strongly. She takes things personal, already at her young age.


Personality: She's shy, reserved, quiet, timid, in general very sweet, polite, ad well mannered. Once you get to know her you will see her sassy side. She can be VERY sassy. She loves to pose, do sassy/fancy walk, and loves to perform. She loves to sing and dance, but would never do that until she's very comfortable with her surroundings. She can also be bossy! She tends to boss her sister around a lot. She's very particular as well, when it comes to what she wears and what she eats. Sometimes even where she sits. Reminds me of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, lol.


Favorites: Noelle is just girly beyond girly! All her favorites revolve around very feminine things. She still LOVES pink and purple. Now she loves glitter and sparkles too. She loves My Little Pony, Barbie, Disney princesses, unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, Sofia the First, pretty much anything that is girly. She also likes to play independently with her MagiClip dolls, Barbies, or her little figures. The one thing she loves that isn't ultimately girly is Paw Patrol. Although, Skye is her favorite. I'm also happy that Noelle still loves books more than anything. Favorites include Fancy Nancy, fairy books, Dr. Seuss books, and she's starting to like stories/books without pictures.


Dislikes: Noelle still hates getting her hair washed. Lucky for her, her hair is very thin and doesn't get very oily so I don't wash it often anyways. She also is newly very independent about getting herself dressed, so she strongly dislikes when I pick out her clothes or want to help her. She hates being rushed (which sucks, since we are running late all the time) so she has a freak out when I'm trying to get her shoes or something on quickly.


Schedule and Routine: We are a horribly unplanned family. I have routines, but not a very set schedule. We try to keep to something similar each day, especially since I do daycare, but I let her sleep in when she naturally does, and I'm not strict about when she goes down to nap, as long as she does at some point in the afternoon. She usually wakes up anytime from 7-8am. We usually play, do some structured learning activity or art project in the morning if we don't go for an outing (usually the library, park, walk, playdate, etc.), usually have lunch anytime between 11:45-1:00pm, then it's quiet play and clean up before nap. Lucky for us Noelle still naps between 1-2 (sometimes 3) hours. The evenings are family time. We usually go out to eat, or eat at home, then either do another outing (Target trips, window shop at the mall, go over to a family/friends house for dinner, go get an ice cream treat, etc.), go on a bike ride/walk, or watch a family movie/tv show before bed. At bedtime she gets a bath with Halle, and we get them ready together. They do pajamas and bedtime stories together and it's usually lights out at anywhere between 8-9pm. We try to aim for 8, but sometimes in the summer it's hard since we will stay out later than normal.


Sleeping: Noelle is still a pretty bad sleeper at night. I shouldn't say bad, since once she's sleeping, she's great...but getting to sleep is another issue. Noelle has a very hard time falling asleep, as if she has insomnia. If we get her in bed by 8pm, she may be sleeping by 9:30 or even 10. We have tried earlier bedtimes but she still takes a long time to fall asleep. Every once in a while we give in and give her children's melatonin which helps.


Eating: Noelle is a very picky eater, and does not like to try new things. She eats absolutely no vegetables, and only a handful of fruit. She loves carbs and sweets - the bad stuff. She goes through weird phases where she only eats one thing at a time. Ever since she turned 3 we have noticed that she will go through this phase, and it usually lasts a few months. For example, for about a month and a half her favorite food was pepperoni pizza. That's the only thing she wanted for dinner every night. We were buying so many frozen pizzas. Then all of a sudden it changed to macaroni and cheese. Then it was that every single meal. After that was grilled cheese. Now it's Cheerios. Just plain Cheerios. She wants that for lunch and for dinner, every single day. It's the weirdest thing! We rely heavily on vitamins.

Activities: She currently loves dance! Ever since that recital she asks for dance constantly, and can't wait to go! She also dances every day at home, and says she is practicing. She plays "recital" and "dance class" all the time. She is also very interested in soccer which makes me excited! I'd love for her to try out another sport! She currently goes to church every Sunday with me, and loves that because Myla is in her class. This upcoming fall she will be in preschool 3 full days a week!

Social: Although she is very shy, she is very comfortable with her friends. Her favorite friends to play with are Myla, Emma, Vivi, Gavin, Oliver, Evan, Amery and Addie. She's probably closest to Myla, who she always says is her best friend. She plays really well! She loves to play make believe and is at a stage where she can really play imaginatively with others. Dramatic play is no problem. She's very scared to make new friends and is afraid of groups, but usually if there is 1 other person there that she can relate to (preferably not a boy) then she's all good! Another new thing that she is doing socially, is preferring girls! She has lots of friends that are boys, since so many of my friends have boys, but she has reached a stage where she only wants girls! She said she only wants girls at her birthday party, asks if boys will be at church/school/parties, and when there are boys she wants to know how many. She's okay with 1-2 boys, lol.

I love you so much, you crazy little booger!!!!! xoxoxox

Some vids of Noellie Belly:

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