May 3, 2015

Wagner Update

I have been the worst blogger lately; Meaning I haven't been blogging at all. Lol. I have been so busy that I don't know how other mama bloggers do it! With my new daycare duty, being with the girls, trying to find time to run, and my grad class, there is no time left! I am trying to find a balance so that I am not always anxious about my busy schedule.'s a little Wagner update!

Big Girl Noelle: What a little spitfire. She has been getting on my very last nerve lately, lol. I love this girl dearly, but she's going through a little bit of "the threes." She is constantly TESTING me. She wants to see how far she can go, and how much it takes for me to break. On the plus side, she's growing smarter and smarter with each passing day, and her conversation skills are excellent. She can carry on a good convo, and is a great story teller. She's super imaginative, creative, and really knows how to make believe. I love it!

Her first ever recital is coming up in a couple weeks and we are super excited! Pictures are in a week, and dress rehearsal the following week! Eeek! Big girl status! Her pre-preschool class also ends in a few weeks, and we will be hitting up summer big time! I'm looking forward to her being at home, doing summer dance, and also enrolling in summer soccer!

Little Baby Halle: My little munchkin is just starting to walk! She's working so hard trying to move her little chunkers - it has really improved her sleep at night! She has also been getting on my nerves though, lol. She's super needy all of a sudden and has stranger danger! I'm happy that she recognizes strangers, but I wish she wasn't so clingy! She all of a sudden wants to be with me CONSTANTLY when we are around new people, or if new people come over.

I love her to pieces though. She cracks me up every day and her little cute smile is so contagious! My little honey bear!

Daddy JoJo: Joey is busy and in high demand! The cleaners has picked up A LOT and he's gone way more often now than he used to be! He's also back in the groove playing with his band, Earth to Tolly. His band is playing in a wedding this August so they are having lots of jam nights to practice for the gig! They used to play ALL the time (mostly in downtown Stillwater) but took an hiatus when everyone's wives started getting pregnant....and pregnant again, lol.

Me: Whew. Need I repeat the first paragraph?! Haha. Grad class. Daycare. Kids driving me bonkers. Trying to get my fit on. BUSY BUSY BUSY! I know that I am blessed though and should thank God for all my opportunities and not complain - so that's what I'm TRYING to do!

More upcoming fun: To add to our full lives, Joey and I have FOUR weddings to attend this summer! Wowza! We also are fast approaching our 6th wedding anniversary!

Stay tuned while I play catch up on the blog and post Halle's 13 month stats, our recent Earth Day projects, pictures from the last month, and more! (Hopefully, ha!!)

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