May 18, 2015

Wagner Summer Starts NOW!

Yes, it's still May, but it may as well be summer for us Wagners! Noelle ended her first year of (pre-pre) school on Monday and I am officially 100% done subbing for the rest of this school year! That means we need a summer bucket list!

Here are (some of) the things I want to make sure we do this summer!

1. Try making chalk paint! (And ice chalk!)


2. Summer dance camp (3x) for Noelle!

She had so much fun last year at summer dance!

3. Swim in the pool a lot! (At cousin Gracie's house.)

 Last year!

4. Beach. (We live right next to Turtle Lake beach now, so this is a must!)
5. Picnics!

6. Lots of walks.
7. Lots of popsicles.
8. Set up the tent outside.
9. Nature walk and scavenger hunt.

10. Make bouncing bubbles!

11. Create a "waterpark" in our backyard.

Really want to try this!

12. Have a summer play date party. (4th of July?!)
13. Bring the girls to a splash pad. 

Last year in St. Louis Park! (On the last day of summer!)

14. Zoo date.
15. Make water beads with the kids.
16. Feet paint!

17. Make moonsand!

18. Make our own ice cream!
19. Teach Noelle how to play soccer.
20. Lots of fro-yo dates.

21. Sabbath Sundays!
22. Mom and dad only date nights!
23. Friday Family Date nights!
24. Ice play on hot days!

25. Lots of play dates with besties!


26. Lots of trips to the wading pool!

27. Lots of trips to the cabin!

I keep on pinning more awesome Summer ideas on Pinterest - if you want to follow my list or get more ideas, click here for a look see! (Also the images I have above are all from actual pins on my board - so you can actually find the links to see how to make those things yourself!!)

Some of the things on our bucket list we will do ourselves as a family, and some I'm sure I'll do with friends and their kiddos, or with my daycare kids! Because we will be spending most of our summer with my daycare kids, I wanted to create a "Summer Curriculum." I have themes that are appropriate for summer (Camping unit, Ocean unit, Zoo Animals unit, etc.) but I also wanted to be a little bit more laid back and have the kids ENJOY their summer before they go off to (*tear*) real preschool in the fall.

Here is what I have planned for June-August:
Make Something Mondays: This will be our craft day! It could also be a day to try a new recipe, or build something!
Try Something Tuesday: We will try one of our Pinterest Summer ideas (DIY sprinkler?), or try somewhere new! New library, new park, new trail?
Wet and Wild Wednesday: As long as summer weather permits, we will be POOLING it, BEACHIN' IT, or something else water related!!
Thinking Cap Thursdays: This will be our real learning day - you know, the kind with books and paper. ;) (Also, new books,  science experiments and learning apps!)
Fun Friday: I'm usually short some kids on Fridays (one of my girls is only part time, and my other family usually takes one or two of the kids that day) so this lets me get out of the house with the kids! This will be our field trip day! All special outings will be tentatively planned for Friday mornings this summer!



  1. Ok- great list. We want in on the fro-yo dates, feet painting, splash pad/wading pool! And do you still have that adorable blow up pool thing with the palm tree?! If so, we might want to borrow it for Myla's party. My parents got her one, but how fun does yours look?! I would hate to pop/break it somehow, though, ha. And it could be super risky with lots of kiddos.

    1. I don't even care - lol - let me dig it out. I don't know where I left it since we moved but when I find it, totally use it for the party!!


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