May 13, 2015

Tots Get Crafty: Welcome to Bug Week!

It's already day 3 over here of Bug Week, and I haven't posted a single thing because we've been so busy! Monday was caterpillar day, yesterday we did butterflies, and today we did spiders! :) Can you tell I'm having fun with this!? Lol. Tomorrow we are doing ladybugs, and Friday I'll end with fireflies. I'm using Eric Carle's books as inspiration and the base of my lessons because those books are so phenomenal. I love how he already has mini lessons within the books and you can use his books to cover so many subjects! (Ex. Hungry Caterpillar can be used to teach metamorphosis, colors, apples, days of the week, and counting! The Grouchy Ladybug teaches feelings, animals, and time telling! You get the idea. I just love Eric Carle. Noelle's first birthday party was actually Eric Carle themed!)

Here's a bit of what we've been doing this week!

The baby's made toe caterpillars! Adorbs.

My book stash for the week!

Miss Aubrey and Miss Halle's butterflies!

Miss Noelle and Miss Addie's butterflies!

And Miss Ella's!

I wanted to make one of those cute Oreo spiders with the pretzel legs but I didn't have the right pretzels! Good thing little kids will believe anything you tell them, lol. I told them the cookies were spiders and the pretzels were little webs! They were all into it, lol.

 I had the girls do watercolor spider web paintings today! I drew spiderwebs on paper with wet crayon so they couldn't see them. Then they painted with watercolor (actually I didn't have any, so they used water and food coloring) to reveal their webs! They thought it was magic. 

 Myla's turned out the best!

A little too much watercolor my friend, lol.

Bug week was fun!

I'll post more about our themed weeks, so that you can use ideas! :)
Keep those kiddos busy!

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