May 6, 2015

Tots Get Crafty: Planting a Rainbow

We are doing flower week over here at the Wagner house (so ideal for Mother's Day) so I introduced the girls to "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert on Monday. I couldn't believe how into it they were, haha. They wanted me to read it again, and they asked me all sorts of questions. Afterwards we did a little project, where we made our own flowers, and "planted" them. :)

Working hard on their coloring.

Taping their flowers to colored popsicle sticks! At first I encouraged green sticks for the stems, but the girls wanted to use other colors. Noelle said "I want to make a rainbow!" Made sense to me after our book! It ended up being really cute with multiple colors!

Planting them in the front yard!

Adorable!! We are having fun today with some fork flower painting, which I will post later. 
Again, if you want to see more of our daycare/toddler/preschool activities follow me @teachandcare on instagram!

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  1. This is freakin' adorable! Can I sign Myla up for your daycare?! Haha ;)


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