May 8, 2015

Tots Get Crafty: Mother's Day 2015

The girls picking flowers for their mommies.

The (daycare) kids and I had fun making some Mother's Day gifts for their mamas this week. Thought I'd share some of the cuteness that they created! :)

Sorry for the horrible picture quality. (Gotta love phone pictures!) Here are some of the Mother's Day coupons we made them! Each child colored coupons and I hand wrote some of them specifically tailored to that mom.

I cut them out and then stapled them into a little coupon book. 

 The coupons say things like "Breakfast in Bed, Daddy takes kids so mommy can have a break, Addie will clean her toys, etc."

No Whining. That's a good one! LOL

 Addie and Noelle also did some finger painting! They made flowers/gardens with their fingertips and finger paint. They loved it and thought it was so fun!



Baby Aubrey made something too, lol. It's so much harder to get a good hand/foot print from a baby than you think.

We also did some May Flowers with paintbrushes and forks. Baby Halle wanted to get in on some of the action too, haha.

I love how different these are, and how you see the individuality in their work. Noelle told me that she made a purple rain cloud, and rain drops. Addie made a garden. These turned out so great.

I also had Noelle and Addie fill out a little survey about their moms. (We did this while playing school, and Noelle was pretending I was her teacher, not her mom, lol. Whatever works.) I thought this was so funny. Noelle apparently thinks I really like broccoli. (I don't.) Also funny is that she put clothes for what I do at work, which is totally right on...she's thinking of the dry cleaners! lol. Smart. You can see that Noelle put in a lot of work on my picture. :/ Haha.

Noelle and I also decided to make a patch of peanut butter rice krispie bars for the moms! 

This might have been because a certain mom is craving them

I love when she's in the kitchen with me. :)


 Noelle also surprised me by coming home with some Mother's Day gifts for me that she made at school too! Sooo cute! I love her little tea pot and cup!!


So cute. 

Hope everyone else is having fun getting ready for Mother's Day!

You can find more ideas for arts and crafts with the little ones, here on my Tots 24/7 page!

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