May 21, 2015

Tots Get Crafty: Color Week

This was a super fun week over here - we did colors! Of course the older girls already know all their colors, but I worked with them on what the primary colors are, and how to create secondary colors.

First we read a book called Warthog's Paint, which is an awesome book that I found a few years ago at a used book sale. It's such a great book to teach kids about the primary and secondary colors. It rhymes, and it's cute too. The little tots really liked it too! They were entranced. The girls made me read the book twice!

Then we did some of the painting and mixing ourselves! It was messy fun, and they learned too!

While the big girls did color mixing, I let the toddlers finger paint rainbows! Now this was REALLY messy, but I think the girls had fun! Halle usually makes a HUGE mess when she eats, but apparently she doesn't enjoy the texture of finger paint because she didn't want to get it on her hands at all! She used a brush! LOL. Either she's more clean than I thought, or she wanted to mimic her older sister!

The next day we read more color books, and then the older girls made rainbow collages! First I had them color in their rainbows anyway they wanted, then we (I) clipped tons of magazine pictures that had the colors on them. I had the girls sort through the clippings and then glue it on their rainbows! It was such a great activity because they got to be creative, yet they worked on their color sorting, and their gluing skills. Good fine motor skills too!

Noelle cracked me up because she was so ambitious with her dots at first! She was determined to dot her whole rainbow...then, she got a little lazy, lol.




We also did a few color worksheets.

We also made a "Me Rainbow" this week. I had the girls color in their rainbows based on their answers about themselves.

Another great week in Nommy world!

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  1. Can't sleep, so catching up on blogs! Love that rainbow idea!


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