May 5, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays - Favorite Party I've Hosted

I am super excited to post my first link up post! I was inspired to start this because of two of my favorite blogs, Shay's Mix & Match Family, and my friend Hilary's! I've always LOVED reading personal posts about families and their own traditions, so thought, hey why not join this awesome group of women and share with them? So here I'm going to continue today's link up with my favorite party that I've hosted!

It was kind of hard to decide because I've hosted some pretty different parties! It was a tough choice between Noelle's Hello Kitty 3rd birthday party and Halle's 1st birthday party, but I'm deciding to share Noelle's party!!

For Noelle's third birthday she was persistent on having a Hello Kitty party so I combined some DIY with some easy store purchases to pull off a birthday she would love!

I did a lot of it myself. I made the print outs and coordinated activity tables for the kids. Noelle and I hand made the chocolate dipped marshmallows. I found the buckets for the Hello Kitty candy from Target. I used purple and pink food coloring to color the chocolate chip cookies. Etc! Etc! It was mostly all done DIY because I didn't think the stuff out there ready to purchase was all that cute! Of course I had to use some pre-made stuff, but I think the combination ended up looking cute!

I got Hello Kitty candy by the huge pinata sized candy bag, and of course, Hello Kitty fruit snacks! The cookies were yummy, but not as good as the pre-made Hello Kitty cupcakes! I usually don't like to skimp on the cake, because bakery cake is SO good!!

I skipped the matching HK plates and went with a teal and hot pink theme. I thought it was a cute color combo, plus it matched the blue on my boy Kitty bags! Yep. Made those too! So easy!

Hello Kitty's Beauty Spa was one of the activity tables. It went over well! There was spray glitter, nail polish, and tattoos! We had to have something for the boys too!

This table was my favorite! The art table!! I had cut out Kitty headbands for the kids to decorate. It was something they could do, and take home as well! It was a big hit, and I loved how it turned out! Plus, it was SO easy.

The guest book!

We hosted our party at Larkin Dance Studio, so we were able to use one of their studio rooms for the kids to dance and play in.

I had a pin the bow on Kitty game, which wasn't my best piece or art work, lol, but it worked!

Each guest received their Kitty favor bag, filled with HK candy, and each girl guest received a Hello Kitty doll, and each boy guest received a monster truck. Yes I know that has nothing to do with Hello Kitty, but I didn't know what to do there, lol.

It was a super fun party, and although it was tons of work to put together, I don't regret doing it. Noelle was in heaven that day. She seriously got the party of her dreams and all her little friends had a blast too! I'd do it again in a heartbeat (and I will, I'm sure). 

Here is actually my step by step guide on how I threw this party and more detailed pictures! 

And here are links to the other parties I've hosted!

So excited to be part of this link up, and can't wait to continue linking up posts soon! I'm going to have so much fun reading everyone's posts this week - I LOVE PARTIES!! :)


  1. Found you through Andrea's s party link up...SO cute!!!! Love Hello Kitty! Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks Mel! I actually just found you earlier today and added you to my list of blogs I'm reading because I absolutely LOVED your tooth fairy reciept! LOL. Looking forward to reading your blog further too! :)


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