May 13, 2015

Noelle's First Prayer

I'm almost embarrased to say that I have never prayed with Noelle, or taught her how to pray until late. We have a few children's prayer books (one of which Hilary got her - um, she loves it - thank you!!) and we have read those together and have recited prayers from them, but never have we just prayed on our own together. Well last night, after we read books, I decided to pray with her. I did it first to kind of show her how I do it. I said what I was thankful for (my very good and productive day, for my positive mood -- the day before had been a hard one) and then prayed for my friend Paul who was having a hard time dealing with the anniversary of his sister's passing. Then I told Noelle it was her turn. I wish I had my phone on me to tape it!!! (Although I guess that would take away from the moment. Hehe.) This is what she said:

"Dear God, 
Thank you for my mama.
And my daddy.
And baby Halle.
They love me, and I love them.
I pray baby Halle sleeps.
I died. It was so cute.
I hope God hears her little prayer. 
I cannot wait to find a place for us to call our home church and get the girls dedicated together! This is one of my goals - it's been hard- we are so busy, but I'd like to commit to one by the fall!

This girl may have a lot of sass, but she's still my angel. :)
Love this booger.

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