May 4, 2015

Happy Halle: Lucky #13

Okay. We all know I love both my girls. I love them a lot. They are both adorable (to me anyways.) So I want to make that clear before I say something completely bias, lol. BABY HALLE IS THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD. Yes, I believe Noelle was a cutie too (and she is just beautiful now), but there's something about Baby Halle...she just beams does she not?! Her smile is so contagious and I want to squeeze her all day long, haha. My little ray of sunshine is 13 months now! A total toddler over here. Here's 13 for my little girl.

1. Halle is starting to walk! She stumbles about; definitely takes some concrete steps before she sits back down. She's not super confident in herself yet so she doesn't go farther than a few steps but she's getting there! She can cruise wonderfully with assistance! 

2. She is in LOVE with her swing. She points to it all the time from the deck door and basically begs for it in her baby way. She can swing for a long time, and is even content if you just leave her in it while you tend to the yard or whatever. She just wants to hang out in it! Haha.

3. Halle is obsessed and addicted to ketchup. It's actually fairly gross. She would eat it with a spoon if you'd let her. She LOVES it. She wants it with EVERYTHING. The other week we were at Smash Burger and she was asking for so much ketchup that I took it off the table and hid it underneath the table. Well, then she points to the table next to us and asks for their ketchup. LOL!

4. She is the world's messiest eater, but refuses any type of assistance. She wants to self feed herself everything, and with utensils of course, so it's always a disaster. She also eats forEVER. Literally the kid is the first one at the table, and the last. She will eat seconds, thirds, fourths...if you let her! She's a garbage disposal! We actually try to limit her food because she's already in the 90th percentile for weight! HA!

5. She is a busy body. She does not like to stay at home. Unlike Noelle who would prefer to stay in every night, Halle is like her mom and wants to go, go, go. She loves car rides, stroller rides, bike rides, being outside, going to the store, shopping, pretty much anything as long as it's out and about. 

6. Halle LOVES Dora. We never even intended for her to watch any television but with Noelle it was hard to avoid. It's also sad because Halle doesn't get much time to watch tot appropriate shows. With an older sister Halle tends to just watch whatever Noelle's watching. Well, Noelle happens to like "big Dora" which is the new Dora and Friends show. Halle instantly loved the theme song. Every time it came on she would start bouncing, waving her arms like crazy, and smiling a ton. Now we have exposed her to not only "big Dora" but the normal show as well. She LOVES Dora. She goes "Duh-duh-duh!!" and points at her if she's on clothing, books, etc. 

7. Her other favorite foods: corn dogs, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, grilled chicken, chicken nuggets, applesauce, yogurt, french fries, string cheese, crackers - super healthy huh? Lol. She also loves those veggie/fruit pouches so we give her tons of those to compensate for lack of real veggies. 

8. Halle is starting to love books! This makes me so happy! Noelle and I are huge bookworms and we are excited to have Halle join us! When Noelle was young Joey and I purposely instilled a love for books into her by reading to her every single day since birth. By the time she was Halle's age she was already pulling books down from the bookcase by herself and "reading" constantly. Now as a 3 year old, she chooses books over toys and shows all the time, and "reads" every single day. We are really hoping Halle ends up the same way! She currently LOVES to sort her books, hand them to us, and listen to us read. She always wants more and will shake her head yes when we ask if she wants another. 

9. I am obsessed that Halle will wear hats. Noelle used to take all her hats off, but not Halle! She currently will wear anything I put on her head, and will forget about it. She has been known to wear a baseball hat, the entire day! LOL. This girl is too much.

10. She is starting to realize "stranger danger." She has never had anxiety with new people before but now it's starting. She gets scared, and super attached to me. We had our first ever non-family member babysitter last week and Halle had a meltdown when I was leaving! I couldn't believe it! My angel baby finally has an issue! Although I'm glad she is aware of strangers, I wish she wasn't so clingy! She will follow me everywhere when new people are around and will hold onto my leg or pull on my clothes until I pick her up!

11. My Halle is in 12-18 month clothes, size 2.5 shoes (tiny dancer feet?), size 4 diapers. Chunkster.

12. Her sleep as improved. She still wakes up a few times a night but can USUALLY put herself back to sleep. I say usually. She has a pretty good schedule now, usually waking up at anywhere from 6:45-7:45 am, then napping at 9-10 am, napping again from 1:30-3:00, then going to bed at 8pm. 

13. Diva pants hates taking baths, which is hilarious because this is the kid that gets like 2 a day because she's such a mess! She makes such a mess after meals that I usually have to give her a bath afterwards, which just enrages her. Especially the hair washing. And of course that's what I always have to do! She has CURLS (yes, so exciting) so food and gunk get all up in it and it's just SO bad. A total nest! Noelle and I have stick straight hair so even when it's dirty, it doesn't really look it. Halle's hair gets all frizzy! Weirdest thing about this girl is she hates baths, but loves the pool. Lol. Probably because there's no shampoo or soap involved. ;)

Mama loves you so much!!!! You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray! You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please, don't take my sunshine away!

Happy 13 months my lucky little!

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  1. Ummm she is precious!!!! What a sweetie pie! Nice job recapping, Mama!


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