May 21, 2015

Get A Grip Mama! It's Only Pre-Preschool!!

My love bug is done with her first year of school! Sure it was pre-preschool, but hey, school is school if you are one shy little girl who is with her mom 24/7! Noelle was in Kid's Corner preschool for 2 hours, 2 days a week this year and just like that, it's already done! She has evolved so much from just that little bit of school! Her teachers say she went from being SO shy, to wanting to play with other kids, and talking up a storm. She even surprised me by actually learning some stuff! (Lol. I really only sent her to get the social experience, and I wasn't thinking the kid would actually learn anything new since I already went psycho teacher mom on her at an early age.) She one day busted out counting in Spanish. I was like Whhhaaa...? We don't watch THAT much Dora. I asked her where she learned to count in Spanish and she said, "School!" Way awesome. Here's a walk down memory lane, since little pre-preschool is ALL DONE!!

Blurry first day of school pictures. So cute. I was so sad for some reason when I dropped her off. I seriously need to get away more, lol, it's pre-preschool mom. Geeeesh.

At her "Meet the Teachers" morning. 

Showing me her cubby and picture. She was so proud.

Another school day, another smile. Girl LOVES going to school.

On her way to get her first school pictures!


Halloween party!

She got a fun little memory book on the last day, filled with art work I hadn't seen that they did throughout the year with their handprints! Here are some of my faves:

Oh, I can't even imagine the mess I'll be in when she actually goes to REAL school, lol. 

My sweetums first ever school pictures. Hehe. 
Pre-preschool 2014-2015.


  1. These are so precious! Adore the school pictures and the handprint book.


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