May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: Team Wagner Year 6!

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Oh my gosh - thank goodness it's FRIDAY!! More like, FriYAY!! Today is not only Friday, but it's our 6th wedding anniversary today!! In honor of our milestone I am going to post about 6 (one for each year of marriage, even though we have 11 years worth of memories together) of my favorite memories from Joey and my relationship B.C (before children) because this blog is chalk full of details on our family life, but very little about our marriage! Sometimes in the chaos of our lives, we forget to celebrate ourselves as a couple, not just as parents.

Memory 1:
Joey and I met at the dry cleaners that his mom and step dad own. I worked there throughout my later years in high school and some of my early college years. Joey worked/works for them. We started off as friends because I was in other relationships, and we never realistically thought about it anyways because Joey was older. When I had finally broken up with my then boyfriend, I went to a psychic with my friends Dawn, Gaotah and Jessie, for fun and mostly as a joke. I was young and obsessed with "love" and "boys" so I asked the psychic about any potential relationships. The psychic said something about an older guy, who I was friends with, who would eventually become something more. I automatically knew she was talking about Joey, so then I asked if he thought I was too young for him. The psychic replied that he didn't think I was too young for him, but that he was too old for me. I left feeling excited! 

I was ballsy back then and had no fear, so the very next time I saw Joey, I told him what the psychic had said! He laughed and that was it. I didn't give it that much thought until the next day, when Joey called the store while I was working and gave me his phone number! He told me that he had been interested but didn't have the push to reach out to me until I had told him about the psychic! He told me the ball was in my court and I could call him if I was interested. I obviously called him that night. This is an extremely embarrassing memory, lol, but it's a good one, because it was how it all started!!

Memory 2: 
When we were dating, probably for a few months, Joey's best friend Jim came into town from Vegas. I had never met him before but I had heard about him, and I knew he and Joey were super close and had been friends for most of their lives. We were hanging out one night with lots of friends at Joey's place one of the evenings, when Jim pulled me aside and told me that Joey hadn't had a serious girlfriend in years and that I was really special. He told me that Joey had called him and told him that he had found "the one." It was the best thing ever. I told all my friends the very next day, lol.

Memory 3:
Christmas is my favorite, favorite, favorite holiday of all time. Joey, and the rest of the world, knows this. On Christmas of 2007, after we had been dating for 3 years, I spent the night with his dad's side of the family. We celebrated Christmas and then went home. I was leaving the next morning for Texas to spend the remainder of the holiday with my family. We were about to go to bed when I entered the bedroom to find wine, music, and candles. Weird. Then Joey came in, and gave me the best Christmas present ever - A RING AND PROPOSAL!!! Apparently the whole family knew it was coming, except me, and all night they were asking him about it. That was a good Christmas indeed! :) I started the new year as a fiancee!

Memory 4: 
We had our wedding ceremony and honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, but we actually legally got married May 15th, 2009 in St. Paul! It was a huge process to legally get married out of the country, so we decided that we would do all the legal documents and get really married here in the States. On that day, we were still getting ready for our trip since we were leaving the next day, and last minute I went to go get a manicure. (I know, right?) It was taking longer than I expected, and then after it was done, I smudged a nail (OMG), and had to get it redone. I was already counting down the minutes. Then I hit traffic on the way home. I was late. Yes, I was late to meet my future husband to go get married. I was wearing a head to toe white outfit from bebe (I was currently a sales manager for the store at the time) - a pair of crisp white linen pants, gold sandals, and a white shimmery blouse. 

I finally got home, where Joey was already waiting for me in the running car. I got in and he said "Whew! I thought you had a case of cold feet!" Um, no, I just had to get my nails did - LOL. We rushed to downtown St. Paul where the courthouse was, and get this - we had been so rushed - we forgot our wedding bands!!! With two witnesses, we got married, and exchanged twisty tie rings that the judge made for us that he found in his desk drawer! We still have those rings. :) Afterwards we went to brunch. It was seriously so funny, so crazy, and so us. 

Memory 5:
On our honeymoon in the Dominican, we had so much fun. It was an amazing experience. We went in May, so it was rain season, but we lucked out and it was beautiful weather while we were there. Of course though, on the day that we were suppose to have our ceremony, it rained. It didn't just rain. It poured. It was a monsoon. We had to delay our ceremony to the next day! So we were all dolled up, with no ceremony to be had. So we spent the day indoors just hanging out, and decided to go to a Brazilian style steak house at the resort for dinner. 


While we were there for dinner, it continued raining so hard that the restaurant FLOODED! We didn't' want to leave our 4 course meal, so we dined in a foot of water! No joke. It flooded so bad that our feet were covered! I eventually took my shoes off and sat criss cross apple sauce, and Joey had to put his feet up. We ate the entire meal and had many cocktails with our feet up, and had to leave the restaurant wading through a foot of water. Another just ridiculous, totally Wagner, memory! Lol. It was a great honeymoon. We spent tons of time on the beach, ordering room service, having drinks, and just relaxing and enjoying newly married life. 


Memory 6: 
After a couple years of marriage, and my graduate school underway, we decided it was time for BABIES!! We both were ready and wanted to expand our brood. We kind of thought it would be easy to get pregnant, but were surprised when it wasn't. After a couple months of trying, and getting really bummed out each time a test came back negative, I started to use ovulation tests, and we started natural family planning (tracking ovulation days, cycles, etc.). Even with that, and using Pre-Seed, the next two months were still negative. We were discouraged so when the next month came along, I wasn't even excited to test. It was starting to just become routine, and man, was I blowing tons of money on pregnancy tests! 

took one like normal and then went about my day. I forgot about it, and when I returned to get it, it was positive. No way. It had to have been because I forgot about it, so it probably wasn't accurate. I peed on every test I had left. No joke. I took like 3 tests. All positive!! I called Joey and we started screaming at each other on the phone, "NO WAY!!" "ARE YOU SURE!? "OMG, OMG, OMG!!" Then he came straight home, and we jumped around, pumping our fists, like we just won a million dollars. (In a lot of ways, it's just like that, if not better.) We hugged, almost cried, and just couldn't stop laughing. We then went out that night for a celebratory dinner. It is one of my favorite memories ever. 

We've been together for 11 years now, and married for 6, and have 2 perfect babies. I couldn't be more thankful and happy! Joey is my best friend. No one understands or knows my crazy like he does. And I know his. (He is nuts.) I can't wait to spend the rest of my life growing old with him, parenting with him, and creating more memories.

Happy Anniversary to my one and only!


  1. I LOVED reading this post!! You guys seem like the most fun couple! You're memories are the best! Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you Elaine!! I'm excited you found me and commented, I'll definitely be following your blog and business! :) My 1st daughter was thisclose to being Gretchen as well!!! I even had the same middle name picked out, isn't that crazy!? LOVE that name!! Excited to "meet" you!!

  2. Super cute pictures and stories!! My faves are the "cold feet" and the monsoon wedding day and your celebratory dinner after getting pregnant. Happy Anniversary again!


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