May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites! Turning the House into Our Home

Linking up this Friday with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to share my new favorite decor that I have just gotten up this week! Can you believe that we have lived at this house since October, and it still lacked major personality?! It's hard when you share your space. Like I've mentioned in the past, we share our house with Joey's mom and step-dad. Even though they only inhabit the basement, I still never displayed tons of our own stuff in fear of taking over the house. Finally, I decided it was time to make the space a bit more personable and add some more character. 

I got this candle holder that I'm obsessed with from Gordman's shortly after I had Noelle. It's just such a true statement, and I like having it around to remind me of what's important. Also, I like to remind people who visit. ;) Lol.

I can't stand the glare in these pictures, but I LOVE this kitchen conversion chart I found at I wanted something simple in the kitchen but wanted it to be useful, so it wouldn't take up tons of counter space for no reason.

It's so cute, useful, and goes with my other things.

 I FINALLY got our gallery wall up, over our couch! It's still small, but I think I will add more pictures or prints as I find them!

Here are a few that I really like. I have some already printed, but haven't found the frames yet. I love eclectic frames that don't all necessary match, but I'd like them to go well with these. I'd like to add some through the hallway leading to the bedrooms too.

Of course, I have the kids artwork hanging in the kitchen. It's not super cute - just rainbow yarn and clothespins, but I love having their recent artwork up!

 We recently just took Noelle's full size bunk bed down and put two twin beds into her room instead. We liked the bunk bed, and eventually one day would love if the girls had bunks (I know, I always wanted one as a kid) but as of right now, it just took up too much space. Noelle never even sleeps on the upper bunk, and even if the girls shared, Noelle would not be ready to be on the top just yet. With me doing daycare, it's also just easier having two smaller beds in there. I didn't want the kids climbing up and down all the time either. I'm not quite ready to take pictures of the room's new layout yet, (messy is an understatement) but I'm sharing the new wall decor I put up! I am LOVING these shelves for the girls!


Noelle's 1st year pictures.

Halle's 1st year pictures.

 Here's the decor on our wall in our bedroom.

I finally got some art up in the upstairs bathroom too. We love this cool piece. It's actually an ode to Led Zeppelin, Joey's favorite band, but it looks really cool, especially in this gold frame. All the frames that are gold in this post were spray painted by us! I did the girl's frames, and Joey did this one!

When Sue and Don move out (we anticipate in 1-2 years from now) we will do a total sweep of the house and probably redecorate completely (so excited) but until then I'll continue to try to add more "Wagnerness" to the house! I like the small things I've added so far and am excited to find more pieces I like! 

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