May 14, 2015

First Recital Dance Pics!

In about 2 weeks Noelle will be in her very first dance recital!!!! We are beyond excited and nervous for her!! Last night she had her dance pictures, which I'm also SO excited for! She's had her pictures done twice with her dance cousins, but this was her first year doing legitimate pictures. The pictures do not depict how the event actually was beyond stressful, lol. 

Before her tap pictures. She wouldn't pose for me or let go of daddy's leg, lol.

First off, Noelle would NOT let me put her hair in curlers! I wanted to get the soft curlers that she could wear overnight but this was an absolute no. She wouldn't let me put them in her hair! I even had her watch a youtube video of a girl putting her hair in them. While she was intrigued by the video, she would NOT do it. Finally I convinced her to let me curl her hair with a curling iron, dubbing it a "magic wand" that can make magical curls fast and easy.

World's saddest tapper, lol.

After lots and lots of Skittles, her hair was curled. Then there were tears because I wanted to put her hair in a half pony, which was suggested by Molly (her dance teacher and great aunt) because that is how all the girls should have their hair done for the recital. Then she got a sucker. Hair done.

Closest thing I could get to a smile, and that's because I promised her a freaking Ring Pop afterwards, lol. 

Next mission: Makeup. What a disaster!! She cried all her blush off, so I had to reapply that several times. She absolutely would not let me do anything to her eyes, and when I tried, I poked her in the eye, which caused more tears and more reapplying blush. Lipstick? Forget it.

Posing for the group tap picture with her class! Check out her friend Oliver, lol, cuteness.

Poor kids. Lol. There was about 50 people screaming at them to smile, pose, stand up tall, etc. Moms, dads, grandmas, teachers, photographers, lol. That's a lot for a group of 3 year olds!

Joey got her dressed in her first costume (I don't even know how. I gave up at this point and needed to go take a breather before I lost my mind.) I got Baby Halle dressed, because she was going to be in some pictures too. We had her wear our "Future Larkin Dancer" onesie and a tutu which was adorable. She had no issue letting me put on her leg warmers, outfit, and headband. Angel. These were the days! I can remember Noelle not giving me any grief at her previous pictures.

Getting ready for her individual picture.

Then we get there, as fast as we can, just in time for all our cousins to leave! UGH! We missed out on the big cousin picture, because Ellie HAD to leave to go home to pack for her California trip today, (She won a scholarship to a ballet camp and elite class) and Vivi's mom had a meeting for work. It was such a bummer but we know that we will get a picture of all the girls together at the recital. Anyways, on to the class pictures.

Meanwhile, Halle was taking it all in. She was so confused and amused, lol. She had some individual pictures done too - hahaha. Michele insisted. She was so confused during it though that she didn't smile once. She just stared off to the sides wondering what the hell was going on.

Uh, stress. I was yelled at repeatedly. Lol. "She has a hole in her tights! Her shoes are tied wrong! Retie them! Make them look like bows! She needs her gloves on! Now!" Holy moly. Pictures were militant and there was 500 people in the room. I don't even know how there was order to anything, lol.

Omg - after we changed into her second costume, she looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't get enough of herself, haha. None of these pictures are posed - she was admiring herself in the mirror!!

Loving herself from every angle in the mirror - hahaha.

Gorgeous little princess.

Noelle works in mysterious ways. She was a DISASTER before pictures, but then she got there and ROCKED it. She smiled huge, posed beautifully, and listened to the photographer/Michele/Molly so well.

Getting posed for the group shot.

So much work for Grandma Shel! Her and Molly literally posed classes in pictures ALL DAY. And they are doing it ALL week! 

Can't wait to see which of these kids will even dance on stage in 2 weeks, and who will stand there. I love the kids that just stand and stare. Or the kids that stand there and look for their parents the whole time, and then wave, lol. Although sad, it's hilarious when one cries too, haha.

Molly posing her for her individual picture.

I am beyond relieved pictures are DONE. Haha. I can't wait to get them back!! We won't get to see them until several weeks into June!

"These peeps be crazy." - Halle watching all the parents chasing their kids around with shoes, curling irons, and picture forms.


Yay! Time for McDonalds and a promised toy! LOL

Good luck to my little dancer! Dress rehearsal in a week, recital in 2! 

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