May 4, 2015

Tots Get Crafty: Earth Day

I love taking holidays, themes, and celebrations to the extreme so of course we had an Earth Week over at the Wagner house! Before you think I'm completely bonkers, really, I'm not! 1. I do daycare so having themes is almost a necessity! 2. Earth Day is important!! It's so important to teach kids to take care of their Earth, and it's never too early! We spent the week reading various books about the Earth, plants, water, etc., watched videos/shows, and did activities! It was a really fun week. You can see way more here.

Of course Noelle helped me bake up some Earth cupcakes. Any reason for cupcakes right!?

I used key lime cake mix because it just sounded delish, so our mix was already a little bit on the greenish side. We just added more blue food coloring to half of the mix for our "water." The colors would have turned out a lot better and less yellowish/lime if I had used white cake mix. Oh well! The important thing was that they tasted AMAZING.

Kids loved it regardless. Noelle referred to these as her Earth cupcakes all week. "Please can I have an Earth?!"

Halle liked hers too, lol.

We also read one of my favorite books, The Lorax. We planted little seeds after we read the book and watched the movie. I just got one of those little pots in the dollar spot in Target - nothing as sprouted yet - lol, don't let us down Target!!

Everyone sporting their green gear for Earth Day. Here they are watching The Lorax, very, very seriously, lol.

One of the days I made some worms and dirt treats. I just crushed Oreos on top of pudding cups and omitted the gummy worm because 1. some of my kiddos do not have the chomps for them and 2. do they really need all that sugar anyways? I used wiggly worm spoons instead.

It was well received.

Of course we did some Earth Day crafts.

It was fun overall!! This week we are celebrating Flowers/Plants just in time for some cute flowery Mother's Day crafts!

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