April 6, 2015

The Nommy Returns - A New Daycare Adventure!

Remember when I said I had life changing news? It might not be something HUGE, but it's definitely a game changer (for the good) for our family!! Let me share...

As many people know, I've been a nanny on and off for the past almost 10 years. I absolutely LOVED being a nanny and spent a lot of time with some special families. Way before I had my own kids, I loved everyone else's kids. Kids are my thing. My passion. My niche, if you will. It's just my calling to be with children. I dabbled in daycare centers, took a stint as an in home daycare for some of my friends' infants, and as of much current, have been substituting in kindergarten.

As my St. Mary's journey is coming to an end (I'm currently on my last class before student teaching), I've decided to take a break from subbing and stop working at the family cleaners in order to stay home with the girls before my teaching journey begins.

I've decided after much, MUCH thought that in order to stay home (and to make some money), I'm going to be doing daycare at my house for two families! We are so, so lucky to have found families that fit our lifestyle, personalities, and share the same values as us. I'll be watching a total of 5 little girls (including my own). Hence why I titled this post, "The Nommy Returns." Nanny + Mommy = Nommy.

I'm super excited to start this next chapter in my life. I'm thrilled to be with the girls more, to be home in the evenings, and to enjoy weekends with the family instead of working at the cleaners.

I've spruced up the house by creating learning centers downstairs for the kids, labeled all the toys, sorted through all our workbooks, bought additional materials, and have created a schedule. I'm ready to go!!!

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 I spent majority of the day yesterday reorganizing and cleaning my house to prepare it for daycare! I will have the upstairs family room the designated "toddler area." It's full of baby and toddler toys that are more appropriate for that age (no small pieces, etc.). I figure this is the safest spot for them - near me - so I can cook right next to them.

I love my Target cubicle shelf and bins! This is definitely not a beautiful way to label the bins of toys, but for now it works! It helps the kids help put away toys, and it helps me stay organized! I can't stand losing pieces to toys/games! It also makes it easy to pull down one bin at a time for all the kids to be playing or working on the same activity/skills. 

The front entry way closet is super accessible for everyone (daycare families included) without the door on it! I hung up the hanging shelf in there yesterday so that all the kids could have their own cubby shelf to put their jackets/shoes/extras in!

 Our discipline chart (obviously the bed early only applies to my children, haha.) There is our daily schedule! I have it worked out as so:

7:30-8:15 Breakfast
8:15-9:15 Free play
9:15-10:15 Circle Time 
(ABCs, morning cheer, morning exercise, 
calendar, weather, color/shape of the week,
and preschool work for the older girls.)
10:15-10:25 Snack
10:25-11:30 Free play/outdoor play if weather permits.
11:30-12:00 Lunch prep. Kids can help depending on what's on the menu!
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:00 Cleanup! (Toys for them, kitchen for me!)
1:00-1:20 Story time.
1:20-3:20 Rest/Nap/quiet play.
3:20-3:30 Snack
3:30-4:30 Structured activity. (Art, music, etc.)
4:30-5:30 Free play until mommys and daddys come!

Here is my calendar (really fancy, I know, lol) and the kid's calendar. I have themes planned out for each week with appropriate activities planned to go along with our theme! (I'll be posting up my themes soon, so anyone who needs ideas can use them!)

The holy grail? LOL. Here's the basement - toy heaven. (I have since removed that hockey lamp - lol. No worries. Not the safest, eh?) I created "centers" as best as I could with my limited space.

Circle time and book nook area!

 It was great using the book shelf as also a "wall" of sorts to divide the space up!

 I have all my bins located up and way from little hands that like to dump bins over!! LOL

 Dramatic play area! Restaurant, grocery store, house, doctor...I have all the playsets and will rotate them periodically!

 All materials labeled, organized, and ready to go!

 I cut up some cereal boxes to makeshift some book dividers! Here I have different art materials/paper, coloring books, and activity workbooks.

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.

 My linen closet has turned into play-doh, games, towels, and diapers storage! You have to utilize space when you don't have much to start with!

Notice the Play-doh is at the very top - the hardest to reach - lol. Strategic. ;)

It's weird when you have more preschool games then you have towels, lol.

Keeping the kid's diapers and wipes organized! 

Train table!

Dress up center - lots of dresses, tiaras, costumes, wands, and other accessories for dress up fun!

I ended up with all girls - I think they are going to LOVE it!!! Pretty sure, I'm going to as well! :)

SO EXCITED! Today is Day 1! Wish me luck! 

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