April 20, 2015


Lately I can tell that Noelle and Halle are starting to develop a real bond. First off, Halle absolutely worships Noelle. She is her shadow and wants to do everything Noelle does. She skips right over her baby toys and wants to play with Noelle's toys, read Noelle's books, and she just likes everything Noelle likes. She thinks that Noelle is hilarious, and is constantly laughing at her.

Not to say that Halle is always the sweetest, doting sister. She also knows how to push Noelle's buttons, because that also is funny to her. Haha! She likes to tick Noelle off, and then she crawls away (fast) laughing. She can be a little turd in that way, but it's so cute, because really, she thinks they are playing a little game. A game that she finds hilarious, and Noelle doesn't. 

Noelle is constantly annoyed with Halle, lol. She is always going "UGH! NO Baby Halle!" and "I don't want you with me right now!" However, whenever Halle is missing her first reaction is, "Where's Baby Halle?" or "Where's my baby?" She also always wants to be close to Halle when they are out in public. She never leaves her sisters side, and is very, very protective of her. While at home, Noelle may take a toy from Halle, when they are in public and anyone mistreats Halle, Noelle is there right away protecting her. She will run up and tattle saying, "Mommy! Mommy! That boy took Baby Halle's toy! He can't take Baby Halle's toy! Get it back for she!" LOL. (Yes, the she/her thing hasn't clicked yet.)

 They crack me up because they are just opposites. Noelle has always been serious, reserved, shy, timid, and quiet. Halle is outgoing, wild, and adventurous. Noelle loves her alone time, and can play quietly by herself or read books alone for hours. She doesn't want to be disturbed. Halle on the other hand needs constant attention and entertainment. She gets bored and wants someone to be with her constantly. Together it's very funny to watch. Noelle wants to read her books quietly by herself - so you can imagine the explosion when Halle comes on over to join her.

I am so happy that they have each other. I never had a sister so I don't know what to compare it to, but I always wanted a sister growing up. I always imagined having an instant friend, who even if I fought with, would always understand and connect with. They will always have each other when their parents just don't get them (lol), or when they want to share makeup tips, or go shopping with someone, or share clothes. They will also have each other when they are grounded and can't go see their friends. They will have each other when they are stuck with each other on road trips and family vacations. They will have each other to grow old with. They hopefully will dance together! There are so many things they will have together, and I am so happy and excited for them.

I can only pray over and over for them that their relationship grows closer and strong. 

I love these two so, so much.

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