April 6, 2015

Nice Weather Makes For Nice Memories

It was kind of a rough day today with the rain and icky weather. Last week we had some of the most BEAUTIFUL weather that it's hard to go backwards! Last week it was warm, sunny, and so nice out. We spent tons of time outside on our deck, and in the backyard. Noelle enjoyed reading books on the swing for hours!

 I also took the girls (yes, in their pajamas) to Incarnation Lutheran Church across the street from us to play in their play ground. It's so nice and age appropriate! The girls had a wonderful time. 

 Actually playing TOGETHER!

Exploring and experimenting!

We of course treated that nice week to some nice treats...dinner at Dairy Queen! (It is so bad/good that we live walking distance from DQ!)

Yes....we may have gotten DQ more than once...

Enjoying time outside in the playhouse!

Grandma Sue and Don also got Halle a very special birthday present - a swing set! It may not be a Rainbow Play System, lol, but it will certainly do!! The girls love to swing, and it's usually what they do majority of the time at the park anyways! It was so sweet of Joey and Don to put it together so quickly for the girls to enjoy!

Loving her new swing!!

Noelle also likes to push Halle...not sure if Halle likes it as much as Noelle does, lol.

Noelle also wanted to ride in the buggy swing. Silly girl.

 Can't wait for the sun to come back out so the girls can play outside!! Fingers crossed!

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